Assessment Steering Committee

The Assessment Steering Committee works closely with the Office of Institutional Accreditation & Effectiveness and guides the College's assessment program. The Committee includes a faculty chair, appointed faculty members and administrative liaisons. The Committee structure reinforces the assessment program as a faculty-driven process that is informed by faculty, administrative and state concerns. The Committee also emphasizes the broad scope of assessment at the College.

  • Committee is appointed
  • Advisory: Provost and Dean, A&S
  • Term:  3 years (faculty), 1 year (students)
  • Chair: Vice Provost for Academic and Faculty Affairs
Membership (2016-17)

Susan Grover, Chair
Patricia Wesp
David Armstrong
Graham Ousey
Leslie Grant
Laura Heymann
Linda Schaffner
Lu Ann Homza, Ex Officio
Susan Bosworth, Ex Officio
Monica Potkay, Ex Officio
Anna Mroch, Ex Officio
Jennifer Taylor/Peter Vishton, Ex Officio
Lisa Nickel, Ex Officio
Denise Ridley-Johnston, Ex Officio
Sharon Zuber, Ex Officio
*Benjamin Boone, Ex Officio

*Melanie Carter
*Andrew Peritz

*indicates new member