William and Mary

Majoring in Religious Studies

Requirements for Major
Majors in religious studies will study several major traditions and theories about the nature and function of religion.  Consultation with a department advisor is expected.

Required Credit Hours: 30
Core Requirements: 391*, which students are encouraged to take in their Junior year; 2 courses from 210, 211, 212; 1 course from 203, 204; 2 courses from 213, 214, 215; 3 additional courses in the 300 or 400 range, and 1 additional course in religious studies (201 is not required for the major).

Major Computing Requirement: Students can fulfill the Major Computing Requirement by passing 391 with a C- grade or better.

Major Writing Requirement: Students can fulfill the Major Writing Requirement by passing 391 with a C- grade or better.

*Fulfills both writing and computing requirements for the major.