On-Campus Housing

For the most complete and up-to-date information on on-campus housing, please see the Office of Residence Life website.

Students who have not yet reserved a room on campus and who would like to do so, should contact [[living, Residence Life]].

Housing Information by Student Status
General Housing Information
Housing Contracts

Your housing contract is a legally binding document that covers both the fall and spring semesters. Signing the contract obligates a student to reside in W&M housing for the entire academic year or the period of time the student is enrolled at William & Mary (if shorter than an academic year). You should read the the housing contract carefully before committing to campus housing for the entire academic year.


On-campus housing is rented by room and rates vary. Rent includes furniture and utilities. Laundry facilities are also available for a per load fee.

Important Considerations
  • Notify Residence Life in writing (by email) of any problems with your room or apartment when you move in and save this just in case there are later questions about this. If you do not document these, you could be charged for them when you move out.
  • Take a picture of any problems you see when you move in (nail holes, dings, color on walls, problems with floors, etc.).
  • If you request any repairs, do this in writing (such as by email, or through an online form), and save a copy. That way, you have documented that you requested these repairs.
Advice from other students: