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Medieval and Renaissance Studies

New!  William and Mary's Institute for Pilgrimage Studies:

The Medieval and Renaissance Studies Program encourages the interdisciplinary study of Europe between 300 CE and 1700 CE.  Capturing the values, practices, and contexts of subjects in these centuries is challenging, not least because of their distance from us.  Medieval and Renaissance Studies thus advocates the serious investigation of history, languages, religion, and culture in an effort to narrow what Francesco Petrarca (d. 1374) called “the gap of time.”  The aim is to amplify our comprehension of the women and men who lived in these pivotal epochs.

Undergraduates majoring and minoring in Med-Ren have the opportunity to construct their curriculum from an array of academic disciplines:  Art History, Classical Studies, English, History, Modern Languages and Literatures, Music, Philosophy, and Religious Studies. Our majors and minors balance breadth with depth by having a number of their academic credits come from more advanced courses.

Fall 2013 courses across the curriculum that fulfill Med/Ren credit:

  • Art History 330:  Medieval Art
  • Art History 362:  Northern Renaissance Art
  • English 203:  British Literature I
  • English 205:  Introduction to Shakespeare
  • English 316: Arthurian Literature
  • English 322:  Medieval Literature
  • English 323: The English Renaissance
  • English 325: English Renaissance Drama
  • English 419: Marlowe
  • English 421:  Shakespeare's Histories and Comedies
  • English 422: Shakespearean Tragedy
  • English 465:  The World of the Anglo-Saxons
  • English 475: Shakespeare's Language
  • Hispanic Studies 324: Medieval Hispanic Literature
  • History 171:  History of the Middle East to 1400
  • History 211:  Italian Women & the Renaissance
  • History 240:  The Crusades
  • History 355:  Medieval Europe to 1000
  • Religious Studies 210:  Intro to the  History of Christianity
  • Religious Studies 211:  Intro to the History of Jewish Thought
  • Religious Studies 212:  Introduction to Islam
  • Religious Studies 328:  Midrash:  Jewish Interpretation of Scripture
  • Religious Studies 332:  Religion and Society in the Middle Ages