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Graham C. Ousey


Office: Morton Hall 213
Email: [[gcouse]]
Phone: 757-221-2591
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Areas of Specialization

Criminology, Deviance and Social Control, Stratification, Research Methods and Statistics


B.S., Radford University
M.A., College of William & Mary
Ph.D., Louisiana State University

Honors and Awards

Arts and Sciences Distinguished Term Professorship, 2010-2013
Faculty Award for the Advancement of Scholarship, W&M Phi Beta Kappa Society, 2010

Recent Teaching
  • Criminology
  • Deviance and Social Control
  • Crime and the Life-Course
  • Sociology of Violence
  • Research Methods
Selected Recent Publications

Ousey, Graham C., Pamela Wilcox and Bonnie Fisher. 2011. Something Old, Something New: Revisiting Competing Hypotheses of the Victimization-Offending Relationship Among Adolescents.  Journal of Quantitative Criminology. Forthcoming.

Matthew R. Lee, and Graham C. Ousey. 2011. Reconsidering the Culture and Violence Connection: Strategies of Action in the Rural South. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, Forthcoming.

Sullivan, Christopher J., Pamela Wilcox and Graham C. Ousey. 2011. Victimization Trajectories from Early-to-Mid Adolescence. Criminal Justice and Behavior, Forthcoming.

Ousey, Graham C., and Matthew R. Lee. 2010. Whose Civic Community? Testing Alternative Hypotheses of the Relationship between Civic Community and Racial Inequality in Arrest Rates. Sociological Spectrum, Forthcoming.

Ousey, Graham C., and Matthew R. Lee. 2010. The Southern Culture of Violence and Homicide Type Differentiation: An Analysis across Cities and Time Points. Homicide Studies. Volume 14: 268-295.

Ousey, Graham C., and Matthew R. Lee. 2010. To Know the Unknown: The Decline in Homicide Clearance Rates, 1980-2000. Criminal Justice Review, Volume 35, 141-158.

Lee, Matthew R., Shaun Thomas and Graham Ousey. 2010. Southern Culture and Homicide: Examining the Cracker Culture/Black Redneck Thesis. Deviant Behavior. 31:60-96.

Ousey, Graham C., and Charis E. Kubrin. 2009. Exploring the Connection between Immigration and Violent Crime Rates in U.S. Cities, 1980-2000. Social Problems, Volume 56: 447-473.

Kubrin, Charis E., and Graham C. Ousey. 2009. Immigration and Homicide in Urban America: What's the Connection? Sociology of Crime, Law and Deviance, Volume 13 (Immigration, Crime and Justice): 17-32.

Ousey, Graham C., and Matthew R. Lee. 2008. Racial Disparity in Formal Social Control: An Investigation of Alternative Explanations of Arrest Rate Inequality. Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency Volume 45: 322-355.

Ousey, Graham C., Pamela Wilcox and Sara Brummel. 2008. Deja Vu All Over Again: Investigating Temporal Continuity of Adolescent Victimization. Journal of Quantitative Criminology Volume 24: 307-335.

Ousey, Graham C., and Pamela Wilcox. 2007. Interactions between Antisocial Propensity and Life-Course Varying Correlates of Delinquent Behavior: Differences by Method of Estimation and Implications for Theory. Criminology Volume 45: 401-442.

Lee, Matthew R., and Graham C. Ousey. 2007. Counterbalancing Disadvantage?: Residential Integration and Urban Black Homicide. Social Problems Volume 54: 240-262.

Ousey, Graham C., and Matthew R. Lee. 2007. Homicide Trends and Illicit Drug Markets: Exploring Differences Across Time. Justice Quarterly Volume 24: 48-79.