Undergraduate Program

Why major in Sociology?

William & Mary is one of the best liberal arts colleges, and we believe that Sociology is the best liberal arts major. Sociology majors graduate with a wide range of knowledge and skills that serve them well in a variety of possible futures. All sociology majors gain valuable, marketable skills in our rigorous theory and research methods course sequence.  A Sociology degree uniquely prepares you to answer important questions using both quantitative and qualitative research methods. This depth of training makes sociology majors outstanding candidates for a wide variety of career fields. Our alumni employed in teaching, business, advocacy, and many other walks of life speak to the extreme value of the sociology major.

Some Sociology majors may want to focus more specifically on a particular career path. For example, do you envision yourself in a global career? Do you want to work in medicine or public health? Do you see yourself making a difference in law and criminal justice or perhaps pursuing social and policy change? Whatever path you choose, William & Mary Sociology can prepare you.