About this Site

In July 2008, the College of William & Mary launched a new website that represented the completion of re.web - a comprehensive project to redesign the College's web presence. In March 2012, a refreshed homepage was introduced using modern design, more contrast, responsive design technology, added content and new features. In July 2013, the entire W&M website was made responsive, making it more accessible on any device.

The features of the website
The people behind the technology
William & Mary Creative Services

W&M Creative Services manages this site which continues to evolve and improve, changing on a daily basis, as we focus on interesting, informative and engaging content for all visitors.

The Creative Services team welcomes your feedback and comments - through email at [[creative]] or through our blog. Or join us on Twitter or Facebook.

The photographers

View a complete list of the people who contributed their wonderful photography to the W&M website.

Our consultants

We were fortunate to work with mStoner. Through a successful, mostly professional, and always fun partnership with Patrick DiMichele, Mark Sheehy, Dave Roos and Voltaire Santos Miran, an exceptional web presence for W&M became a reality.

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