Mayanthi  Jayawardena

Assistant Director of Health Promotion & Sexual Violence Prevention Specialist

Office: Campus Center 155
Phone: 757.221.3229
Email: [[mayanthi]]
Pronouns: she/her/hers

About Me

I am honored to join the William & Mary tribe as the new Sexual Violence Prevention Specialist on campus. I have dedicated the past 6 years of my life to this very cause and look forward to working with the incredible student body, faculty, staff, administrators and community to create a campus free of violence.

I earned my undergraduate degree in health fitness with intentions of becoming a personal trainer from Gustavus Adolphus College and it was through a community health course that I learned about public health. That course, and the insights of people in the field changed my entire life. It was also during that time that I began to understand the how deeply sexual violence could impact communities. It lead me to earn my Masters Degree in Public Health from the University of Minnesota with a focus in sexual violence prevention. Since then, I have done my best to understand prevention in many dimensions that are also related to sexual violence such as child abuse, domestic violence, substance use, and more.

It was my work in youth leadership/empowerment that brought my prevention work to higher education. It wasn’t until college and until I joined an amazing group called Building Bridges that I realized that I, yes little old me, could make a difference in my community. That experience was a catalyst for my entire future. I hope to create similar experiences for the students that I work with at William & Mary.

Hmm what else should you know about me….? I love food. Come talk to me about that ANY time. I love to travel, I love photography, I love hiking, running, music, cooking, and so much more. Oh! One more thing, I love cricket. No, not the bug, but the sport. I come from a teeny tiny island called Sri Lanka and that teeny tiny island has a remarkable underdog story in the international cricket scene. Are you curious? Come ask me about it.