Statements of Support

Statements of support for the William & Mary Promise from leaders on and off campus:

Robert M. Gates '65, Chancellor

Robert M. Gates '65“With the steep decline in public funding for higher education over the last generation, and the uncertainly of such funding in the future, it is time for bold and creative ideas to provide the kind of resources needed to sustain great institutions like William & Mary, while also improving affordability for students with financial need and predictability about tuition amounts for everyone. I am fully supportive of what is proposed and believe it places the College on much more solid footing for the future.”

Todd Stottlemyer '85, Former Rector

Todd Stottlemyer“This is an innovative plan to preserve and strengthen the university’s long-term excellence. In the face of growing competitive pressures and limited public funding, William & Mary will become more self-sufficient so it can continue to offer an outstanding educational experience as one of the leading institutions of higher education in the Commonwealth and nation. Because of William & Mary’s strong position in the higher education marketplace, the College is able to implement a financial model that simultaneously lays a firm foundation for its future as a leading American university and enhances affordability for middle-income students from Virginia.”

Taylor Reveley, President Emeritus

Taylor Reveley“William & Mary is a treasure for the Commonwealth and the country. It is one of the greatest liberal arts universities in the world, rare for its genuine commitment to both research and teaching and for its abiding emphasis on undergraduate education of compelling quality. To sustain this treasure and enable it to move forward in this century, we must take action on many fronts. Those of us on campus must keep seeking ways to provide superior results at less cost. Our alumni and friends must help sustain William & Mary with increasing generosity through annual giving, endowment gifts, and funds for bricks and mortar. Our students and their families must help support more of the cost of the ‘hands on’ education that is the glory of the College. At the same time, we must become more affordable for Virginia low- and middle-income families and reduce student loan debt. With all of us doing our parts, William & Mary can continue to contribute magnificently to the Commonwealth and nation. Our new operating model is a vital step to that end.”

Yohance Whitaker '16, Former Student Assembly President

Yohance Whitaker '16"Well into our fourth century of educating world leaders, the William & Mary Promise strengthens our commitment to excellence in learning, teaching and innovation. The promise to students is clear - William & Mary will sustain itself as one of the nation's premier liberal arts universities, the value of a William & Mary degree will continue to grow, and a William & Mary education will be more affordable for students and families."

Cynthia Satterwhite Jarboe '77, Immediate Past President of the William & Mary Alumni Association

Cynthia Satterwhite Jarboe '77"The William & Mary Promise ensures our university continues to offer one of the best undergraduate educations in the world - and remains one of the best values especially for middle-income Virginia families. The increase will mean further investment in our students, faculty and staff serving as a promise to all alumni and alumnae that the value of our degrees will be strengthened as we continue to build leaders who make a difference."

Kendrick F. Ashton, Jr. '98, Former Chair of the Committee on Financial Affairs

Kendrick F. Ashton, Jr. '98"The William & Mary Promise ensures more access, less debt and the greater peace of mind that comes with a four-year tuition guarantee. It means more Virginia families, regardless of means, will be able to send their sons and daughters to William & Mary for a great education. And it also means that William & Mary will remain a university they will want to send their children to – one with a sustainable finance model that invests in the world-class faculty and innovative education that make it the Commonwealth's distinctive 'Public Ivy.'"

Tom Kramer '06, Former Virginia21 Executive Director

Tom Kramer“Young people face two main challenges as they plan for the future – paying for a high quality education and finding a good job. William & Mary's new plan, without fail, addresses these challenges head on. It has developed a plan that is predictable, sustainable, and affordable. Current and future students will attend William & Mary with the certainty of the value of their degree and their ability to compete for jobs in a global economy.”

H. Thomas Watkins, III ’74, Member of the Board of Visitors and Former Chair of the Committee on Financial Affairs

H. Thomas Watkins“As an alumnus and parent of two William & Mary graduates, I am delighted to support this innovative business model. The William & Mary Promise is a commitment to all who care about the College and its future. It is reassuring to know that the William & Mary I know will remain as strong as ever in the 21st century.”

Michael Halleran, Provost

Michael Halleran“The William & Mary Promise will allow W&M to continue as one of the country’s great liberal arts universities. It addresses the compelling need of faculty and staff compensation so that we can recruit, retain and reward the outstanding scholar-teachers and critical staff who make a W&M education extraordinary—and unique in a public environment.  At the same time, we become more affordable for many Virginia families. The Promise is a great step forward.”

Former Governor Terry McAuliffe

Governor Terry McAuliffe“This public-private partnership should serve as a model to universities around the country. It shows that by working together we can make high-quality education more affordable and costs more predictable for all Virginia families. The William & Mary Promise is a testament to the innovative spirit of the College’s leadership and your determination to extend the benefits of higher education to all Virginians."

Senator Tommy Norment

Senator Tommy Norment“The William & Mary Promise represents a commitment to both the College and the Commonwealth. It’s a decisive action to secure William & Mary’s exceptional quality for years to come while increasing access for Virginians. The tuition guarantee allows students and their families to know the cost of a William & Mary education and plan accordingly. Financial aid will reach further into the middle class, reducing the burden on these hard-working families.

Delegate Chris Jones

Chris Jones“The William & Mary Promise is an innovative new business model that secures the future needs of Virginia’s distinctive public Ivy as well as addresses key goals of the Commonwealth that we outlined in the Top Jobs legislation.  They have found a way to provide greater access and predictability for Virginia students and their families, all while ensuring the quality of one of our nation’s finest institutions.”