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Current Students

The Board of Visitors unanimously voted May 12, 2020 to roll back a previously adopted tuition increase for incoming in-state undergraduates and keep tuition and mandatory fees flat for all students, including in-state and out-of-state undergraduates, graduate and professional students. Learn more about the decision.

The W&M Board of Visitors sets the total costs for the upcoming academic year each spring. View the most current estimated annual costs to attend W&M.

In-state tuition guarantee
How does the W&M Promise affect in-state tuition?

In 2013, William & Mary adopted a guaranteed-tuition plan for in-state students. The guaranteed rate reset for each entering class and then remained constant for all four years of undergraduate study. Continuing in-state undergraduates (sophomores, juniors and seniors) will see zero increase in tuition rates. 

The William & Mary Promise was updated in 2019 to go into effect in the fall of 2020, with new terms affecting incoming in-state freshmen and transfers and limiting tuition increases to 3% or less annually. Current students will not be affected and will continue to see no annual increases in tuition.

So the tuition guarantee under the W&M Promise is for four years?

Yes. There will be some exceptions in which an undergraduate needs to take longer to finish (for medical withdrawals, internship opportunities and transfer students who lack the prerequisites for their intended major). Those will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Learn more about the review process. W&M, however, has an impressive graduation rate of 91 percent. Of those who graduate, 92 percent complete their work at William & Mary in four years or less.

How does the W&M Promise impact those families who enrolled in the Virginia 529 College Savings Plan?

The full cost of W&M tuition and mandatory fees is currently covered by Virginia 529 prePAID (previously known as the Virginia Prepaid Education Program, or VPEP). Room and board are not covered.

Room, board and fees
So some other costs, such as average rates for room, board and fees could increase?

Current in-state undergraduates who entered before fall 2020 will continue to see zero increase in tuition annually. There will be some increases in fees and other costs, but tuition, which has historically been the most volatile part of total cost, will continue to be frozen.

What about total cost, including tuition, room, board and mandatory fees?

Total costs for subsequent years will be determined by the Board of Visitors each spring as they consider costs for room, board and fees, but the tuition will be frozen.

Out-of-state students
How does the William & Mary Promise impact out-of-state undergraduates?

This operating model – specifically the guaranteed tuition plan – does not apply to tuition for out-of-state undergraduates, but qualifying out-of-state students may receive up to 25 percent of their full cost of attendance in grant aid. The university will continue to evaluate out-of-state tuition on an annual basis to ensure it is comparable to or less than the tuition charged by peer universities.

So the W&M Promise is only for in-state undergraduates?

The W&M Promise ensures and strengthens the university’s long-term excellence. That benefits out-of-state students as well as everyone else associated with William & Mary. 

Do you have a target for annual out-of-state tuition increases?

We will continue to evaluate out-of-state tuition on an annual basis, considering costs, as well as tuition and fees compared to peer institutions.

How does this affect costs for out-of-state graduate students?

Tuition and fees for out-of-state graduate students is set in the spring.

St Andrews William & Mary Joint Degree Programme
What does the W&M Promise mean for students who enroll in the joint degree program?

Tuition for the St Andrews William & Mary Joint Degree Programme does not change with the William & Mary Promise and will not be subject to a guarantee. Joint degree tuition remains separate.