7. An 18th-Century Tenant Site in the Lower Tidewater

by J. B. Jones, M. W. McCartney, D. B. Blanton and D. C. Boyd

Phase III Data Recovery at Site 44SK309
Associated with the Route 164 Project, City of Suffolk, Virginia
1991 xii + 138 pp. 73 figs., 6 tables, 3 appdx.

This late 18th- to 19th-century farmstead in the City of Suffolk, Virginia, was once part of the Yeates Free School Lands. One important source of profits to support the school was the leasing of parcels to tenant farmers who were obliged to improve the land. The small farmstead investigated documents occupation by at least one group of tenants on school lands. Data recovery provided documentation of plowzone artifact patterns, an earthfast tobacco barn, a small earthfast outbuilding, several ditch features, a trash-filled ravine, and two unmarked graves. Repeated ephemeral prehistoric occupations dated to the Early Woodland period were also documented.

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