28. Traces of Historic Kecoughtan

by T. F. Higgins III, C. M. Downing and D. W. Linebaugh, with contributions by G. J. Brown, S. T. Andrews, J. W. McKnight and G. S. Brush

Archaeology at a 17th-century Plantation: Data Recovery at Site 44HT44
Associated with the Proposed Pentran Bus Parking Lot Project, City of Hampton, Virginia
1999 viii + 156 pp. 105 figs., 18 tables, 4 appdx (artifact inventory on microfiche)

Excavations in downtown Hampton revealed several hundred features from a 17th-century plantation homelot on the outskirts of Kecoughtan. Mapping of structural features, trash pits, a well, and fencelines allowed a detailed reconstruction of the site's layout. Numerous high-status artifacts indicate a level of sophistication in this early period of settlement. Assemblage comparisons with 17th-century sites in the Chesapeake region document other indicators of status at this homelot.

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