2. A 17th-Century Farmstead in the Interior Coastal Plain

by J. B. Jones, M. W. McCartney, D. B. Blanton, R. R. Hunter, Jr. and J. L. Smith

Phase III Data Recovery of Site 44CC297
Proposed Landfill, Charles City County, Virginia

This report summarizes archaeological data recovery conducted on a late 17th-/early 18th-century farmstead in the upper reaches of the Chickahominy River drainage. The fieldwork focused on a feature complex that included the remains of a small earthfast house and several pit features. The low artifact density and feature characteristics indicate a brief occupation span. This is confirmed by documentary sources suggesting that it is the first-stage homelot of a tenant farmer. The information summarized in this report provides comparative data useful in studies of late 17th-/early 18th-century intersite and intrasite settlement patterns in the Chesapeake region. A refitting study of prehistoric lithic artifacts from the site is also included.

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