17. Excavations at an 18th- to Early 19th-Century Slave Quarter

by T. F. Higgins III and C. M. Downing

Phase III Data Recovery at Site 44JC643
Associated with the Proposed VNG Mechanicsville to Kingsmill Lateral Pipeline, James City County, Virginia
1993 viii + 78 pp. 43 figs., 3 tables, 2 appdx.

A complex of features, including the remains of post buildings, root cellars, fences, and a ditch, makes up components of an 18th- and early 19th- century slave quarter. The initial occupation began during the first quarter of the eighteenth century and continued until around 1730/1740. During this period, a sizable dwelling, fences, and possible storage buildings were constructed. The site was reoccupied during the fourth quarter of the 18th century. This occupation, characterized by a cluster of small huts, lasted until the end of the first quarter of the 19th century.

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