16. Archaeological Data Recovery - Site 44HN204

by J. B. Jones and D. B. Blanton

Phase III Archaeological Data Recovery for Mitigation of Adverse Effects to Site 44HN204
Associated with the VNG Mechanicsville to Kingsmill Lateral Pipeline, Hanover County, Virginia
1993 viii + 82 pp. 44 figs., 7 tables, 1 appdx (artifact inventory on microfiche)

The site's three primary components consist of Late Archaic, terminal Late Archaic/Transitional, and Middle Woodland occupations. Block excavation revealed that the general chronological trends have been preserved in the site's stratigraphy, and a small number of scattered rock hearth features were identified, two of which provided useful radiocarbon dates. Geoarchaeological analysis of the stratigraphy at this site and nearby Site 44HN202 indicates that these intrasite patterns may reflect adaptation to changes in the landscape and environment over time.

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