13. A Study of Interior Coastal Plain Settlement

by R. R. Hunter, Jr., M. E. N. Hodges, D. B. Blanton, J. L. Smith, T. F. Higgins III, M. W. McCartney and A. S. Martin

Phase III Data Recovery of Significant Archaeological Resources
Within the Proposed Route 199 Extension Corridor
1993 vol. 1: viii + 112 pp. 52 figs., 36 tables; vol. 2, part 1: vi + 64 pp. 64 figs.; part 2: vi + 58 pp. 50 figs., 2 tables; 1 appdx (artifact inventory on microfiche)

At small, interior prehistoric sites of the James-York Peninsula, research focused on the development and execution of strategies designed to assess site identification probabilities, structure, function, and age. The sites exhibit episodes of use ranging from the Early Archaic to the Late Woodland period. In addition, two historic components were investigated: a mill pond dam and features associated with a mid-18th- century indigo growing and processing operation and a first-quarter- of-the-18th-century tenement dwelling.

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