11. Archaeology in the Shadow of the Hayes Creek Mound

by D. B. Blanton, J. Schuldenrein III and E. Voigt

Phase III Archaeological Data Recovery at Site 44RB281
The Dryfoot Site, Route 602 Bridge Replacement, Rockbridge County, Virginia
1992 viii + 92 pp. 33 figs., 14 tables, 2 appdx (artifact inventory on microfiche)

Data recovery at this site in Rockbridge County, Virginia, investigated three major components dating from the Middle/Late Archaic transition, the Late Archaic, and the Late Woodland periods. Two artifact concentrations mark activity areas associated with the Archaic occupations. They permit inferences regarding the nature of the occupations at this time, specifically short-term occupations by small groups. The Late Woodland features are believed to be coeval with the primary period of activity at the nearby Hayes Creek Mound (44RB2) and provide new information regarding the nature of activities in the mound locality. Geoarchaeological observations contribute to explanations of evolving settlement patterns in the area.

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