1. Limited Testing at a Slave Quarter and Small Prehistoric Sites

by J. B. Jones, M. W. McCartney and L. McFaden

A Phase II Archaeological Evaluation of Sites 44KW71 and 44KW73
Proposed Mann Landfill Expansion Area, King William County, Virginia
1990 viii + 100 pp. 35 figs., 4 tables, 3 appdx.

This report summarizes archaeological evaluations of two sites near the Pamunkey River in King William County, Virginia. Site 44KW71 is a prehistoric lithic scatter occupied during the Late Archaic and Middle Woodland periods. Site 44KW73 is a multicomponent site with occupations dating from the Late Archaic, Middle Woodland, Late Woodland/Protohistoric, and the early to mid-19th century. The Late Woodland/Protohistoric component may represent an ephemeral camp indirectly associated with nearby Uttamussak, an important ceremonial site of the Powhatan Confederacy. The 19th-century component includes two refuse-filled pits that served as interior root cellars for slave cabins.

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