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Patrick L. Johnson

Project Archaeologist

Education: Ph.D., William & Mary
Phone: 757-221-2583
Email: [[pljohnson]]

About Patrick

Dr. Patrick L. Johnson began working as a project archaeologist at W&MCAR in 2019 and has managed a range of compliance- and research-based projects in Virginia, Alabama, Florida, Wisconsin, Chile, and Mexico. In addition to about 30 academic and public presentations, Dr. Johnson has published reports of archaeological sites, translations of Spanish publications, reviews of archaeological and historical books, and journal articles based on his graduate research.

His dissertation argued that Yamasee Indians migrated through Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida to seize diplomatic opportunities that led to new ceramic traditions. His excavations—partnered with the University of West Florida and William & Mary—rediscovered the Spanish mission led by Yamasee Andres Escudero. Potters at this mission made ceramics using local tempers or additives to the clay, decorations made by their Creek Indian neighbors, and stamped designs of their Yamasee ancestors. His work with Spanish and British historical documents included interpretations of Yamasee ritual speech, including their tattoos. As a whole, his publications demonstrate that material culture can offer a flexible means for Native American communities to gain cohesion and therefore regional authority. He is working on a book manuscript and other publications based on this research. His page is

In addition to conducting and presenting archaeological research, Dr. Johnson also enjoys teaching anthropology, engaging with the public, and working with descendant communities.