Charley Hodges

Consulting Archaeologist

Education: M.A., College of William & Mary
Phone: 757-221-2580

About Charley

Mr. Hodges has 40 years of experience in both prehistoric and historic archaeology. He has been a Senior Research Assistant and a Consulting Archaeologist with WMCAR since 2009. In the 1970s and 1980s, Mr. Hodges was a member of the faculty of the Anthropology Departments at both the College of William & Mary and Virginia Commonwealth University. Mr. Hodges has worked for Southside Historic Sites, Flowerdew Hundred Foundation, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, The Tidewater Cultural Resource Center, Virginia Commonwealth University, the Virginia Department of Historic Resources, the James River Institute for Archaeology, the Virginia Company Foundation (parent organization of Jamestown Rediscovery), and by contract, the National Park Service. Mr. Hodges' professional roles with these organizations included Archaeological Excavator (1973-1974), Field Supervisor (1974-1985), and Archaeological Site Director and/or Project Archaeologist (1985+). He has authored or co-authored numerous reports and many of these include his own original illustrations. These reports pertain to diverse sites ranging from the Late Archaic (4000-2000 B.C.) to a ca. 1865-1895 Emancipated African American Home Site.

Mr. Hodges' research interests and expertise are especially focused on the Contact period from 1590 to 1676 in the Chesapeake region. He is an acknowledged regional expert in Late Woodland and Contact Native American ceramics, mortuary practices, and architecture, as well as early English fortifications, settlement patterns, home lot patterning, and edged weapons. In addition, Mr. Hodges has expertise in the Medieval, Renaissance, and Classical influences on English settlement organization at the time of colonization.

Mr. Hodges' teaching experience includes professionally training graduate students since 1976. He directed the prehistoric component of two fields schools in 1978 and 1979 for William & Mary at Flowerdew Hundred and Shirley Plantations. He also delivered lectures and organized discussion groups for Dr. James Deetz's Institute in Historic Archaeology (1983-1986) in association with the University of California at Berkeley.

In terms of public outreach, Mr. Hodges is an active conference lecturer, and has been directly associated with public museum exhibits and public field archaeology for Flowerdew Hundred Foundation (1980-1986). By request of Dr. Stanley South, the University of South Carolina published a paperbound copy of his Master's thesis, Forts of the Chieftains (2009), which was also published on the internet through William & Mary's Earl Greg Swem Library. Mr. Hodges' most recent archaeological exhibit collaboration is now at the University of Virginia (2012-2013). In addition to consulting with WMCAR, he also consults regularly with the Virginia Department of Historic Resources, Jamestown Rediscovery, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation and the Harrison Institute at the University of Virginia.