W&M Sustainability Plan Working Groups

Education & Outreach
Mission: Increase the knowledge and interactions of faculty, students, and staff on sustainability matters, in the classroom and out.
  • Brent Kaup: Chair and Associate Professor, Sociology
  • Elizabeth Andrews: Director, Virginia Coastal Policy Center
  • Babs Bengtson: Director, Training & Development, Human Resources
  • Ben Boone: Associate Director, Center for the Liberal Arts
  • Lindsay Dahlgren ’18: undergrad student
  • Pam Eddy: EPPL Department Chair, Professor, School of Education
  • Andy Fisher: Director, ENSP Program
  • Chris Hein: Assistant Professor, Virginia Institute of Marine Science
  • Michael Luchs: Associate Professor, School of Business
  • Drew Stelljes: Assistant VP for Student Affairs, Student Leadership and Development
Energy & Emissions
Mission: Address the university’s greenhouse gas emissions and energy efficiencies.
  • John Swaddle: Chair, COS Co-chair, Professor of Biology
  • Randy Chambers: Co-chair, Director, Keck Lab
  • Nick Balascio: Assistant Professor, Biology
  • Mark Brabham: Director, Facilities Management, Virginia Institute of Marine Science
  • Carl Hershner: VIMS Professor and Director of Center for Coastal Resources Mgmt
  • Farley Hunter: Associate Director, Utilities
  • Josh Panganiban ’19: undergrad student
  • Jennifer Sekula: Head of Information, Law Library
  • Nate Throckmorton: Assistant Professor, Economics 
  • Amanda Windley ’19: undergrad student
Institutional Engagement
Mission: Increase the depth of sustainability in the fabric of the university
  • Henry Broaddus: Vice President, Strategic Initiatives & Public Affairs
  • Lynda Butler: COS Co-chair, Chancellor Professor of Law
  • Calandra Waters Lake: Director, Sustainability