Need to Recycle Something Else?

What to do with old electronics, batteries, plastic bags, and more

Ink cartridges/Toner & Cell phones/Small electronics

Anyone may recycle ink cartridges, old cell phones and chargers, and other small electronics at Swem Library. They accept any brand, any condition; some form of protective packaging preferred. The money made by recycling these items goes into the university's Green Fee fund to support sustainability projects on campus.  Empty toner shells for large campus printers can be recycled through the IBM/Supply Room Company toner recycling program.  Cardboard bins for toner recycling have been distributed to each office on campus; simply call the Supply Room Company whenever the box is full and they will empty it at no charge.

Plastic bags

Plastic bags can be recycled on campus at several locations; the Student Recreation Center, Sadler Center and Swem Library. Look for the white bins that say "Recycle Plastic Bags".  The bins are emptied by the service fraternity APO. Local grocery stores also accept plastic bags for recycling.

Event recycling

Residence life can provide recycling containers for student group events in residence halls—and they’ll pick them up afterward!  For more information, contact Chris Durden at [[mcdurd]] in Residence Life.  Swem Library also has event recycling kits available for checkout at the circulation desk.

Batteries & Light bulbs

Alkaline batteries can be recycled at Swem Library and through the Environmental Health and Safety Office. EH&S also crushes and recycles fluorescent light bulbs. For more information about EH&S recycling initiatives, visit their webpage or contact director Sandra Prior at [[slprio]].

Clothes, Appliances, & Miscellaneous items

Donate your old clothes, small appliances, decorations and more to Goodwill, located close to campus at 1260 Richmond Road.  During moveout at the end of the spring semester, look for the DormMania donation bins right on campus!


Used, unwanted books (no textbooks, please) can be dropped off at Swem Library's Read and Relax area.  Leave a book, take a book!  The Law School library also has a leave a book, take a book program, in addition to accepting used study guides.

Hazardous and Electronic Materials 

Campus hazardous chemicals are routinely collected by the Environmental Health and Safety Office and electronics are routinely collected by Procurement's Fixed Asset Management. Facilities Management, EH&S, Procurement, and Sustainability partner yearly to host W&M's Hazardous and Electronic Waste Collection Day, giving faculty, staff and students the opportunity to keep many items out of the landfill.  Bring your unwanted chemicals and electronic items so they can be recycled and/or properly disposed of.  We cannot accept personal items from faculty and staff, but faculty and staff are encouraged to drop off any unwanted electronic or hazardous waste from their departments or offices. For details about this year's event check out the Facilities Management page here

Recommendations for program improvements?

Contact Calandra Waters Lake, Director of Sustainability, at [[waterslake]]. All recommendations will be considered, but implementation of additional services will be dependent upon staffing and funding. Thank you.