Earth Week Through the Years

Learn about past Earth Week celebrations by reading the summaries below!

Earth Week 2017: Sustainability For All

The theme for Earth Week 2017 focused on sustainability and its connection to the environment, wellness, activism, community and business, culminating in the annual Earth Day Festival, themed Monarchs & Music, in collaboration with AMP and W&M Monarch & Milkweed Research.

Earth Week 2016: The World Around Us 

2016's theme was The World Around US. There were events throughout the week, including a work day with Crim Dell Restoration, bike ride with the Bike Alliance to clean up the Jame's River, and a sunset paddle on Lake Matoaka. The week ended with a Saturday celebration that included tie-dying t-shirts!

Earth Week 2015: Environmentalism Past and Present 

The theme of 2015's Earth Week was Environmentalism: Past & Present. The week was all about recognizing the legacy of sustainability throughout history and how it affects our perception of sustainability today. Earth Week began on April 13th and ended with a celebration at the Crim Dell Meadow on the afternoon of Saturday, April 18th. The 2015 Saturday celebration was called COS and AMP Present Homebrewaroo: An Earth Week Celebration. 

Earth Week 2014: Senses 

Thanks to some awesome collaborations, Earth Week 2014 was a huge success. The theme was 'Senses' and was all about experiencing sustainability and living a sustainable life in myriad ways! Each day of the week was assigned a different sense (taste, smell, touch, sight, and hearing) and had corresponding activities. Notable events included a chef demo of organic foods and an AMP screening of Wall-E! 

Earth Week 2013: Origins 

The theme of this year's Earth Week was Origins. The week was all about knowing the origins of our lifestyles, from the food we eat to the power we use, allowing us to make conscientious decisions every day. The week began on April 14th and ended, as per tradition, with a celebration at the Crim Dell Meadow on the afternoon of  Saturday, April 20th, complete with vendors, music, food, etc. 

Earth Week 2012: Campus Sustainability Roadmap 

Earth Week came and went! Starting April 14th, the William & Mary campus hosted a series of fantastic events related to sustainability. The week culminated in a campus and community-wide celebration on Saturday, April 21st. The theme for this year's event was the Campus Sustainability Roadmap. This document, created in 2008, is a guide to implementing policies and proposals listed in the College's sustainability plan. The Roadmap categorizes sustainability initiatives, and each event in the Earth Week schedule corresponds to one of the six categories. 

Earth Week 2011: Sustainable Food and Agriculture 

Student groups across campus worked hard to bring you Earth Week 2011: Focus on Sustainable Food and Agriculture. This year, the traditional Earth Day celebration event was expanded into a week of activities related to sustainable food and agriculture as well as campus sustainability. We were very excited and proud to bring the group of Brazilian farmers known as Ciclovida to campus on Tuesday, April 19 for the keynote event of Earth Week. The week culminated in a celebration complete with food, music, speakers and much more on Saturday, April 23. The Committee on Sustainability also sponsored a T-shirt design contest, and the winning design was available for sale at Saturday's event. 

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