Dorm Mania

2016 Dorm Mania Team

Dorm Mania is a student-run program attempting to deal with the huge quantity of dorm items students discard as they move out in the spring. The team collects items discarded by students during move-out, cleans them, sorts them, and stores them off-campus over the summer before making them available to students in a yard-sale setting as they move in in the fall. The proceeds from the sale are put directly towards DormMania's operating costs the following year.

This year is Dorm Mania's third year of operation, and the sale diverted about 11,000 pounds of dorm items from landiflls. The sale takes place during fall freshman orientation--come check it out for highly reduced-price dorm items!

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Fall Sale 2015

2016 Dorm Mania Picture

Dorm Mania Volunteers