COS Summer Research Grants

The Committee on Sustainability (COS) seeks applications and proposals for Green Fee Summer Research Grants. Grants are open to all continuing students of the College: undergraduate, graduate and professional students. Three awards will be made in amounts up to $5,000 each ($3,500 stipend and up to $1500 in research support), plus housing on the Williamsburg campus. An additional $450 will be awarded to the student's advisor in recognition of the advisor's contributions.  The deadline for applications for Summer Research Grants is Tuesday, FEBRUARY 27, 2018, at 5:00 PM.

Applicants must complete the COS Summer Research Grant application cover sheet and prepare a 2-3 page research proposal, including a budget. The application must also include a transcript and a letter of recommendation from a faculty or staff member familiar with the applicant's work. These should be emailed or delivered to Calandra Waters Lake at

The Green Fee Summer Research Grants support a student’s close collaboration with William and Mary faculty and/or staff in researching sustainability related issues. The grant is intended to provide the student with an opportunity to conduct creative research while advancing the College’s goals of sustainability. The nature of the student’s research experience will vary considerably from one project to another; however, in all cases it is crucial that the student’s role go significantly beyond mechanical tasks such as data entry, photocopying, or library errands, though it may, of course, include tasks of this nature.  The grant is meant to be a full-time committment (8 weeks at 40 hours per week).  Students must disclose any other summer committments that may impact ability to fulfill the requirements of the Summer Research Grant. 

Students may approach any faculty or staff member with whom they want to work and whose research interests them. If more than one student approaches a faculty or staff member, the faculty or staff member must select one student to advise in the grant process.

The project proposal must be the applicant’s own work but should be developed under the close guidance of the advisor. The application and research proposal should directly address College sustainability needs as expressed in the President’s Policy on Sustainability and the COS goals for achieving a sustainable environment for the College's campuses (including VIMS). Areas of individual interest are open and depend on the student’s expertise, skills and interests as well as those of the advisor.

Please contact Calandra Waters Lake, Director of Sustainability, at [[waterslake]] with any questions.