Role Model DOTs

DOTs from notable administrators, alumni, and community members

Quite a few notable campus community members have submitted their DOTs to us. We'll update the list as we get more role model DOTs!

President W. Taylor Reveley: "1. Use non-disposable coffee mugs whenever possible. 2. Print on both sides of the page whenever possible."

Ginger Ambler, VP of Student Affairs: "My DOT is to use a reusable mug for my coffee at work -- in fact, I recently bought the one Dunkin Donuts sells for regulars like me. Re-fills are cheaper now, so everybody wins!"

Dave Douglas, Dean of the School of Law: "As for my dots, here are some things we've implemented or are about to implement: 1. I've stopped using two of the ceiling lights in my law school office (they are on a separate switch). 2. We bring our own re-usable bags to the grocery store. 3. We use only previously printed (on one side) paper in our printers at home, unless we absolutely have to have a clean copy for some reason. 4. We are making plans to start composting vegetable products from our kitchen, and then to use the composted material in our vegetable garden."

James Comey, '82, former Deputy Attorney General and Senior Vice President of Lockheed Martin: "There are two things I have resolved to do this year that might fit: (1) not use the elevators at work (we have a four-story building, so it's not all that big a burden), which is both good for me and saves on the huge amount of electricity consumed by my multiple rides each day; and (2) replace my big-ol' SUV with a hybrid vehicle."

Al Albert, Associate Director of Athletics: "Cut my note paper up from scrap paper and try to not print reports but keep everything on my laptop and an external drive rather than in paper files."

Provost Michael Halleran: My DOT is to walk to (and from) work. And, while at work, use only reusable mugs.

Kathy Hornsby: My DOT is recycling paper in our office printer. It kind of drives me crazy, seeing an old copy of something on the back side, but it definitely cuts down on the amount of paper we use overall. Also, I use those fabric grocery bags at a wide variety of stores - not just the grocery stores.