Example DOTs

Need Inspiration?

Visit our Facebook page for some great DOTs already chosen by W&M community members.

Read our Role Model DOTs to see what some of our most visible alumni and administrators have chosen as their DOTs.

Examples of personal DOTs:
- Avoiding bottled water by using reusable water bottles
- Reduce my carbon footprint by walking, biking, or taking public transportation to work
- Buy local or organic foods whenever possible
- Print on both sides of each sheet of paper
- Recycle, recycle, recycle
- Always turn off the lights when I leave my room or office.
- Save energy by unplugging power hungry chargers (e.g., cell phones, iPods, etc.)
- Reduce plastic pollution by using reusable bags every time I go shopping
- Start and stick to an exercise and healthy eating program
- Volunteer in the community at least one day per month

Examples of class DOTs:
- Avoid printing out course syllabus and readings
- Make sure classroom lights, computer, and projector are turned off after class
- Encourage classmates to recycle in the classroom
- Submit all papers and post grades and comments electronically

Examples of departmental DOTs:
- Save money and trees by scanning instead of photocopying
- The last person to leave the department doublechecks to make sure that all lights are turned off before leaving
- Start a departmental recycling program. The sustainability fellow (Phil Zapfel, [[pmzapf]]) can provide free recycling bins.
- Switch from bottled water to a filtered water jug. You'll save money and reduce plastic use!
- Encourage staff and faculty to bring ceramic coffee mugs from home, rather than using styrofoam or paper cups