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Meet your representatives, and learn how SA works! Below are brief descriptions of how the two branches of SA work.

  • Appointed branch of SA, except for the President and Vice President
  • Secretaries head committees alongside senators
  • Each committee has one secretary and multiple undersecretaries, which are appointed by the President
  • Secretaries and undersecretaries do not have voting powers
  • The cabinet, made up of secretaries, focuses on "big picture" projects

Executive Branch Members

  • Elected branch of SA
  • Each grade has one class president and four senators
  • Charged with passing bills that benefit the student body
  • Each senator serves on two committees
  • Senators have voting rights in meetings


Review Board
  • Judicial Branch of SA
  • 7 members appointed by the Executive Branch
  • works to provide advisory opinions and hear cases regarding the SA constitution

Review Board