Executive Branch

Student Assembly Leadership
President - Anthony "AJ" Joseph 
Email: amjoseph@email.wm.edu
SA President

Serves as the student representative to the Board of Visitors acts as the main point of contact with the President's Office, oversees and executes all campaign promises and initiatives, shares student perspectives with the administration, speaks at all major events to represent the student body. 
Vice President - Kyle Vasquez
Email: kvasquez@email.wm.edu
SA Vice President
Supports President in all duties and fills in when the President is unavailable, represents the student body with the Board of Visitors, acts as the presiding officer over all Senate meetings, shares student perspectives with the administration, oversees and executes all campaign promises and initiatives.
Chief of Staff - Loni Wright
Email: mjwright@email.wm.edu

Represents the student body with the Board of Visitors, oversees all internal Cabinet initiatives, works directly with Cabinet Secretaries to ensure that campaign promises are fulfilled, organizes and oversees communication for the President and Vice President



Student Assembly Secretaries
Secretary of Academic Affairs
Raman Khanna:  rkhanna03@email.wm.edu
 Photo of Raman Khanna
Secretary of College Policy & Student Rights
Katie Grotewiel: krgrotewiel@email.wm.edu
Secretary of Diversity Initiatives
Celeste Chalkley:  cpchalkley@email.wm.edu
 Photo of Celeste Chalkey
Secretary of Finance
Pending Confirmation
Secretary of Health & Safety
Sam Phillips: scphillips01@email.wm.edu
 Photo of Sam Phillips
Secretary of Outreach
Pending Confirmation
Secretary of Public Affairs
Evan Smith: esmith@email.wm.edu
 Photo of Evan Smith
Secretary of Student Experience
Pending Confirmation
Secretary of Sustainability
John Cho: jicho@email.wm.edu
 Photo of John Cho
Attorney General
Jack Amerson: jramerson@email.wm.edu
 Photo of Jack Amerson
Officer of Graduate Experience
Erin Schwartz: esschwartz01@email.wm.edu
 Photo of Erin Schwartz
Officer of Graduate Rights
Adriana Roach: alroach01@email.wm.edu
 Photo of Adriana Roach
Officer of Graduate Diversity
Tiffany Jones: tjones04@email.wm.edu
 Photo of Tiffany Jones