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Diversity Initiatives

The Student Assembly Diversity Initiatives Department is responsible for ensuring quality programming and educational events through Student Assembly on various matters of diversity and inclusion. We cover seven areas of identity, including: Multicultural Affairs, Queer & Trans Affairs, Socioeconomic Affairs, LGBTQIA* Affairs, Religious Affairs, Neurodiversity, Refugee and Asylee Affairs, and International Affairs. We often work alongside the Center for Student Diversity at the university. 

Meet the Diversity branch:

Secretary of Diversity Initiatives: Celeste Chalkley
Undersecretaries of Multicultural Affairs: Shane Moran & Ifeoma Ayika
Undersecretaries of Queer & Trans Affairs: Jerimiah Foltz & Alex Reyes
Undersecretary of Religious Affairs: Lauren Grob
Undersecretary of Socio-economic Affairs: Christian Mango
Undersecretary of Neurodiversity: Breanca White
Undersecretary of International Affairs: Maria Diamanti
Undersecretary of Refugee and Asylee Affairs: Yannira Lopez Perez