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Elections Commission

Overseeing the implementation of Student Assembly Elections

Chair of the Elections Commission (20-21):
William Ryu:
  • Spring 2021 Student Assembly Elections - April 1, 2021
  • Access the Mandatory Candidate Information Session (asynchronous content) between March 8th and March 18th
  • Submit the Candidate Declaration Form by March 18th which can be accessed by completing the Mandatory Candidate Info Session.

Interested in running in this year's election?

If so, you must asynchronously watch the Mandatory Information Session, which is accessible this year through the video link above. After viewing the video, you must complete the Candidacy Declaration Form, which is linked at the end of the video. There will also be Q&A Sessions with senior members of the Student Assembly that are currently serving in each of the positions that you can run for in this election. 

Make sure you receive the correct ballot on Election Day!

Undergraduate students will vote for class officers (president and senators), in addition to voting for Student Assembly President and Vice President.  To ensure that you are receiving a ballot to vote for YOUR class officers, we will be sending "verification" emails the week of March 22nd.  Please look out for that email; it will include information about what to do if there is a discrepancy with the ballot you are slated to receive. 

Not quite sure of the election rules? Please view them in the Campaign Rules page.