Campaign Rules

An overview of the rules guiding the election.


If you believe that any candidate is violating any of the above rules please write to the Elections Commission at with your specific complaint including the date/time/location of the violation along with some sort of tangible evidence regarding the complaint.

Class One Violations:
  1. Engaging in campaign activities before the start of the campaign period.
  2. Posting any piece of campaign material on a surface which is prohibited by the regulations of the College.
  3. Posting more than one piece of campaign material on any bulletin board or kiosk, with the exception of Morton Hall, where candidates may post two pieces of material per hallway, and one piece of material on each bulletin board in the stairwells.
  4. Post any piece of campaign material larger than 8 ½ by 11 square inches* - the cost of each piece is 7¢ (cost of printing at Swem).
    • S.A. Presidential candidates are exempt from posting size guidelines, but are still bound by general campus posting policy.
  5. Posting any piece of campaign material on a non-public bulletin board. This includes RA bulletin boards, unless the permission of the RA of that hall is given.
  6. Posting on the door of any Residence Hall room without the permission of one of the residents of that room.
  7. Posting any materials that do not have the name of the Candidate printed on it.
  8. Using a Student Assembly or official social or academic class listserv for campaigning or voter mobilization purposes.
  9. Campaign/Promotional listservs must be opt-in (voluntary to join)
Class One Sanctions
  1. For a first offense, a warning will suffice.
  2. A fine, not to exceed $20, to be put into the Student Assembly bank account and count against the candidate’s $39 maximum fine limit.
  3. In addition to either the warning or the fine, the candidate must remove all inappropriately placed elections flyers immediately upon the request of the Chair of the Commission.
Class Two Offenses
  1. Slander/Libel, the oral or printed communication of a statement known to be false with the intention to injure the reputation of a Candidate. Reasonable allowance shall be made by the Commission for expressions which may be reasonably understood as the opinion of the person expressing it.
  2. Inclusion in campaigns of pornographic or obscene materials (including profanity), as interpreted by the Commission.
  3. Campaigning by door-to-door solicitation, as defined by College policy
Class Two Sanctions
  1. A suspension of active campaign privileges for a set period of time
Class Three Offenses
  1. Bribery of a candidate | Bribery of a candidate shall be defined as the promise or provision of money or any tangible incentive associated with a candidate removing himself from contention for the office he is declared for, or intentionally losing the campaign for the office.
  2. Negative Attacks against a candidate | Candidates for office may not make attacks on a candidate based solely upon their character or person. This shall not be construed to prohibit direct comparisons of a candidate’s experience, trustworthiness, platform, issues or other legitimate factor.
  3. Bribery of a voter | Bribery of a voter shall be defined as the promise or provision of money or any tangible incentive associated with voting for a particular candidate.
  4. Tampering | Tampering shall be defined as intentional interference with the electoral process in such a way as to subvert the integrity of the process. Tampering includes watching a voter complete the voting process. Tampering also includes assessing in any way, directly or indirectly, elections returns before the full results are certified by the Elections Commission.
  5. Overspending | Spending more than the spending limit ($50 for all class offices in this election, $400 for SA offices) exclusive of fines, or spending more than $39 in fines.
  6. Failure to turn in financial disclosure statements before the close of the polls on Election Day or at the request of the Elections Commission.
Class Three Sanction
  1. Removal from the ballot and invalidation of candidacy