Candidate List

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Student Assembly President and Vice President Candidates
Anthony Joseph and Kyle Vasquez

We are running for Student Body President and Vice-President because we feel the momentum of the student body and want to enact physical and systemic change. We acknowledge that everyone has a unique journey that led them to William & Mary, and now, for better or for worse, we are one community. We believe it is our duty to be part of the conversations William & Mary Administration has in regard to our future as an institution. We are working to expand mental health services, tackle years of systematic inequalities, and establish relationships with city officials. Not just for our benefit, but also for those who will step foot on these bricks long after we are gone. In every conversation that William & Mary will have about its future as a university, we want to make sure we prioritize wellness in all facets of student life.

From the recent posts that we have seen and the petitions that are circulating, we see that our community is in need. We, as a community, are ready to fight for one another and to do our part. We want to make sure that the administration has a fair assessment of student thought when making its decisions. 

We will rise out of this pandemic more united, more focused, and more resilient than ever. When we return, we will make sure that life resumes and that we celebrate one another, for now, more than ever, we understand what it means to have taken a moment for granted. 

Much love, 
Anthony Joseph & Kyle Vasquez

Class of 2021 - Presidential Candidates
Aria Austin

I'm Aria Austin and I'm running for reelection as 2021 Class President. This past year, I have had the honor of serving the Class of 2021 as President. Since my freshman year, I have actively sought out ways to make our community stronger and to be a voice for my peers as a former Class Senator and as a President's Aide. As a member of the Student Assembly, I believe it is imperative to serve my class and my community to the best of my ability. I currently try to solve problems with innovative and proactive solutions, and if re-elected, I will continue to do so. This is done by actively seeking feedback from the student body, seeking to connect to the different communities on campus, and highlighting the voices on campus that are often overlooked. I also strive to increase students’ sense of civic agency on campus. With COVID-19 adding stress and uncertainty into our lives, I believe it is important to not give up on the things we love, to find the light, and to keep moving forward. By moving forward, we will become stronger and enter our Senior year with a strength as a community we didn't know we had. That is why my reelection campaign is titled "Keep Moving Forward". I hope to have your vote once again to finish what has been started and to keep moving forward. Together, we will get through this 2021, so join me as we move forward into our Senior year.

Helen Tariku

Hi everyone, my name is Helen Tariku and I am running to be your Class of 2021 President. In my past three years of being on Student Assembly, I have really enjoyed having the opportunity to work to ensure that we are continuously advancing our campus community in different aspects, whether that be socially, demographically, judicially, or academically. During my terms, I have worked on numerous projects and initiatives that have been focused on impacting the student body positively, and I hope to be given the opportunity to continue to do this. So, I hope that on March 26th you'll make sure to vote Helen Tariku for your Class of 2021 President. Thank you!

Class of 2021 - Senate Candidates
Patrick Salsburg

My name is Patrick Salsburg and I am running for Class of 2021 Senator because I want to help everyone enjoy their college experience to the fullest extent and promote a community in which everyone belongs. In Student Assembly, I have been advocating for a safer campus and have sponsored bills to allocate money toward W&M's Consent Campaign and Student Assembly's Transgender Awareness Week. I hope my fellow classmates trust me to help spend some of the money that everyone paid with the activities fee on fun events and helpful programs that benefit the entire student body. I care deeply about sustainability and have advocated for W&M to become more environmentally conscious. I also authored a resolution with some other Student Assembly Senators calling on W&M to commit to carbon neutrality and divest from fossil fuels.

Jane Geiger

My name is Jane Geiger, and I am a rising senior majoring in Government & Religious Studies with a passion for meaningful involvement and strengthening the bond of the W&M community. Here at W&M, I love the depth and purpose my involvement with W&M Theatre, IR Club, my social sorority, research, and job bring me, and I want to be the best representative to the community that has become my home over the past 3 years. My goals as your senator would be two-fold. From the administrative side, I aim to bring transparency to the student body in terms of funding allocation and future renovation and building projects to ensure they benefit the entire W&M community and offer safe, purposeful classrooms, living facilities, and extracurricular spaces. In terms of student interaction, I want to improve communication, cooperation, and interaction between various campus organizations, together striving to impact the greater William & Mary and Williamsburg Community and beyond. Thank you so much and I look forward to seeing you all next fall- GO TRIBE!

Class of 2022 - Presidential Candidate
Suhas Suddala

I am interested in running for class president because as a class officer, I am in a position where people are able and willing to approach me with their problems. This year as Sophomore class president, I was able to advocate for students' concerns about mental health and sustainability, plan class events, and be involved in many other projects for the betterment of our campus. It was also very rewarding to meet a wide variety of people and become someone that they can trust. For me, student government is means to help more people and widen my impact at William and Mary. For these reasons, I would like to continue as class president for the next term. Please reach out at [[e|ssuddala]] if you have any questions or would like to know more about my campaign. 

Class of 2022 - Senate Candidates
Meghana Boojala

I’m running for re-election as a class senator for the third time. This past year, I was able to serve as the Chair of Finance, and I have examined our financial allocation system and how it affects organizations on campus, particularly smaller organizations. Through this, I started a committee to conduct financial reform. The process of examining our complex guidelines and presenting a solution is a long one, and it takes many more hours of thinking and analyzing. My goal is to make the Student Activities Fee as equitable as possible and provide student organizations with the money they need to pursue their passions. Student Assembly has given me the opportunity to learn and voice my opinion about pertinent subjects like sustainability, inclusion, and racial and gender equality, and if re-elected, I will deepen my understanding and continue advocating for issues that matter on campus.

Jahnavi Prabhala

It is the little things on this campus that continue to inspire me everyday, as a mental health and students rights advocate. It's the nuance of our Tribe, our culture, and our values that merges student's individual passions into bolder movements for change. Whether it be mental health and wellness, students' rights, diversity and inclusion, title XI and sexual violence, etc., WM continues to lean into these issues with not only critical and conscious conversations, but also innovative and applicable action. This deliberate leaning in drove my team's and my own work regarding both students' rights and wellness--and this is just the beginning of our work. These bold conversations and even bolder movements start and gain traction with you. Let's continue to create our own idea of what it means to be a part of this Tribe by undoubtedly leaning in and not looking back--Vote for Jahnavi Prabhala for Class of 2022 Senator.

Vicky Morales

Dear Class of 2022, I, Vicky Morales, have chosen to run once again for election but this time as your junior class senator. I have chosen to re-run since I have a good understanding of how the Student Assembly works and would like to add on to the projects I have worked on throughout the year. Being part of legislation such as the Period Act and working on projects such as the Divest from Fossil Fuels Resolution has allowed me to make sure your experience at William and Mary is the best it can be. Throughout this past session, I have worked to find solutions to long term issues our campus has had. As I have said before, William and Mary has been my home and my tribe and I wish to give back to this family.

Rory Fedorochko

My name is Rory Fedorochko. I am a History and International Relations double-major from Northern Virginia. I am a member of the IR and Astronomy Clubs, and I love to spend my time wandering around campus, looking for someone to talk to. You have probably seen me around; I’m told that my sideburns are rather distinctive. I’m running because I want to foster a strong connection between Student Assembly and the student body, to ensure that it adequately addresses your concerns. Too many issues are overlooked or neglected. I hope to create a more transparent framework that empowers students to voice their concerns and critiques, allowing for focused answers to issues like mental health, sustainability, safety, diversity, and dining services, in our search for a happier, more just, and more perfect school. That’s what I hope for, at least. Thank you for your consideration.

Class of 2023 - Presidential Candidates
Conor Sokolowsky

Hey everyone! I’m pretty bummed that we’re home for the semester, but that isn’t reason to not look forward to the years ahead. I am excited to run as your Class President again and can’t wait to continue working for you. This year, I had the opportunity to work on many exciting projects: I currently sit on a committee dedicated to opening discussion about community reparations, I helped analyze Wellness Center data to strengthen the argument for more therapists, and I helped shape WM Student Assembly’s policies for a sustainable future. Looking forward, I am spearheading bill initiatives to fund student ideas and to strengthen our sustainable practices, while also working with the larger community on coming to terms with WM’s past. Finally, I will establish better transportation options for us on campus, collaborate with the city to provide our input into development projects nearby, and continue writing fun emails.

Kieran Mangla

My name is Kieran Mangla and I am running to be the next President of the William & Mary Class of 2023. As a freshman, I have seen just how strong the W&M community is. However, I have also seen the problems we face as a community. Our housing options for next year are unsatisfactory, expensive, and soon to be overcrowded because of decisions made by administration without our approval about sophomores living on campus. Funding for mental health is insufficient, and more funding for physical health has become a necessity with the rise of the Coronavirus. That is why I am running for Class President alongside my running mate Will McCleery for Senator so we can fight these injustices, fix these problems, and make sure you are heard by the school. If we win, the whole W&M community wins. Vote M&M for W&M!

Instagram: @manglamccleery2023

Justin Oei

Why am I running for Student Assembly? It all started with an article in the Flat Hat about the Student Assembly’s traditional use of funds to subsidize exam books. Now, you’re probably wondering, “Justin, why do you think that’s actually important?” For me, these blue books are emblematic of the question at the heart of what SA does: making sure that W&M’s spending reflects students’ interests. My platform is based off of that idea that W&M’s spending habits (and SA’s) should reflect the priorities of the students, faculty, and staff of this wonderful place. There’s no reason that money should prevent someone from taking a class or participating in an activity here on campus simply because they can’t afford it. As your Class of 2023 President, I will work to reduce or eliminate additional fees that are required for a number of courses as well as extracurricular activities.

Instagram: @JustinOeiForSA

Class of 2023 - Senate Candidates
Owen Williams

I am running for Student Assembly because I do not believe that our current freshman representatives have our best interests in mind, and I believe that they are largely out of touch with our class. Over the past year, I've had the wonderful privilege of getting to know hundreds of members of the Class of 2023. All different types of people and backgrounds, with different interests and ambitions, all united with the same love for our College. After many conversations with my fellow classmates I've decided to run for Student Assembly because the school is in desperate need of change and I want more Senators who are not afraid to voice their opinions on issues and will show courage, not cowardice in S.A.

Maheen Saeed

My name is Maheen Saeed and I am excited to run as a senator for Student Assembly. Firstly, I want to thank all of you for allowing me to represent you this year. I have always fought to represent the voices of all on campus and will continue to do so if re-elected. As senator I co-sponsored two bills, one which encouraged W&M to reduce fossil fuel investments and another which renamed the Ewell Award to the Cypher Award, due to Ewell’s involvement with the confederacy. I also served as secretary for the finance committee which allocated thousands of dollars to expand student organizations on campus. I also voted to provide free STI testing and the promotion of free flu shots. If re-elected, I am actively working on adding food options at W&M as per your requests. Please fill this form for any suggestions:

Eugene Lee

Hey y’all, I’m Eugene, one of your current senators for the Class of 2023, and I’m running for re-election! Our first year here at William & Mary sure did fly by - and end weird - but as your senator, I didn’t have a single day where I didn’t think about my duties in Student Assembly. As a member of the finance committee, I handled thousands of dollars and helped fund several events, ensuring that every club at W&M had a voice. As a member of the Policy Committee, I discussed issues affecting you and ensured that your rights as a student were not infringed. Whether it was voting and passing bills like making flu shots free and subsidizing STI testing, or to funding and organizing cultural events that attracted hundreds, I was there representing you. Class of 2023, once again I ask for your support to continue fighting for you, and to make W&M feel more like home.

Madison Hubbard

Hello, I am Madison Hubbard and I aim to make your voice heard by representing you in our Student Assembly's senate. I currently serve as a class senator and have passed two sustainability related resolutions with fellow senators as well as worked with our class senators and chair of senate to transfer the name of the ewell award to the cypher award to better reflect our values. I want to continue to fight for you by:

  • Constantly improving the transparency of Student Assembly and our Administration
  • Improving mental health resources on campus
  • Making resources more readily available for those with any type of disability
  • Make sustainability a more attainable goal for everyone on campus
  • Continue to be an ally to all communities on campus by writing bills that help recognize
    underrepresented students on campus

I care about what you want on campus and I hope to have your vote on April 2nd! @senatormadisonhubbard

Abby Varricchio

Authentic. Advocate. Abby. As your Senator, I will continue to be an authentic advocate for you. I believe that to be truly authentic, it is essential that I continue to improve the transparency and accountability of Student Assembly’s actions. Within my last session, I supported attendance reform for Senators and Presidents as well as better financial transparency. I want to continue to work tirelessly as an advocate for the Class of 2023 in areas that directly affect you on campus, such as access to mental health care and campus safety. I want to represent the diversity that the Class of 2023 brings to William and Mary’s campus through continuing to address diversity issues and ensuring the Student Assembly is creating an equal and just environment for all students. As the Class of 2023 spokesman, I will continue to be open and authentic in my communication to serve you best.

Riya Chhabra

My name is Riya Chhabra, and I want to be the new Senator for the Class of 2023. As your senator, I will focus on three pillars: diversity, wellness, and safety. Diversity is at the forefront of my campaign: this campus is for everybody, and everyone should be included regardless of race or disability. I am also a massive mental health and wellness advocate, and I will strive to ensure students have healthy habits for sleeping, eating, and studying. This campus needs healthier food options, and I want to work with the Campus Dietician to make this happen. I will increase street lighting in and around campus, especially on inside paths of the forest and on streets right outside of campus. I also want to facilitate a better relationship between W&M and the town of Williamsburg, including the town’s police force.

Charles Pritz

I love William & Mary, and I am excited by the opportunity to shape our community as a Student Assembly Senator for the Class of 2023. I am running for senate to make William & Mary a better place for everyone and to serve as an advocate for our class. As a senator, I will strengthen William & Mary’s efforts on sustainability, so we can play our part in combating climate change and protecting our planet for the future. Additionally, I will collaborate with the Cohen Career Center and local businesses to develop a centralized resource for students seeking part-time employment during the school year. Finally, I will work with the other representatives of the Class of 2023 to implement more classwide social initiatives in order to build community. My overarching goal as a senator is to represent you – my peers, friends, & classmates. This is why I am running for SA Senate.

Mikayla Fulcher

I am super excited to run for Senator in the Student Assembly. As a Class of 2023 Senator I will improve
Tribe Pride by helping plan class activities that everyone will enjoy and will have an opportunity to put
their input into. I will draw attention to the student body on campus and promote diversity by observing
and asking students how they feel they are represented on campus and how I, as a representative of the
student body, can better their experience. One way I will do this is by working with clubs, organizations
and the wellness center to enhance inclusivity. From service organizations to sports clubs, I have spent the
past semester meeting my peers and discovering all William and Mary has to offer and have realized that
students truly are what make this school run! With your vote I will make sure your voice is heard!

Will McCleery

My name is Will McCleery and I am proud to announce my candidacy for Student Assembly. I am running for Senate and feel that my energy and positive attitude make me a great choice. As a freshman at William & Mary, I have had the incredible privilege of meeting so many of you and becoming a part of this great community. As a club swimmer and rower, as well as a member of the debate team, I believe strongly in the importance of involvement on campus. I am ready to listen to your concerns and will advocate tirelessly for your interests, taking every necessary step to help make this school an even better place. Along with my running mate, presidential candidate Kieran Mangla, I value your opinions and know we can make William & Mary a place for everyone. Remember to vote M&M for W&M and go Tribe!