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SA's Plan to Tackle Systemic Racism


SA shares "The Plan to Tackle Systemic Racism"

Full Description

The Plan to Tackle Systemic Racism by the 328th Student Assembly is available here.

The Plan to Tackle System Racism will source policy ideas from the student body, be organized by the Student Assembly, and deliver demands to the administration and those in power. All of our elected and appointed representatives understand that this might be our most important contribution to our school. We have incorporated five committees: The Conversation on Reparations, The Police Policy Project, The Academic Diversity Project, The Students Rights Initiative, and The Community Reconciliation Initiative, along with a robust, detailed plan for communication and outreach. All of these committees have taken into account diversity representation and are co-led by the Student Assembly and student leaders.

Please give us your feedback, thoughts, and concerns by accessing the feedback form. We added the feedback you all provided at the Juneteenth Town Hall and we will continue to adjust our plans along the way, based on your ideas. Your involvement and input are the most important aspects of these plans; we cannot do them without you.

Soon we will release more information on ways to get involved, including the contact information of the various team leads outlined in the plan. The teams will meet regularly throughout the year and will have many ways to solicit feedback. 

Let's channel this frustration and pain and create positive energy for change. Our title as the alma mater of the nation endows us with immense responsibility to steer it during difficult times. While this entire country is to blame, someone has to begin to truly atone and redress. This is our opportunity to step up. The buck stops here.

AJ, Kyle, & Loni
(via campus-wide message on July 27, 2020)