William & Mary

Spring 2017 Elections


Thank you for voting! The term of our 13 newly elected Staff Assembly senators begins in May.

Full Description

Thanks to all those who nominated themselves and their colleagues for the Staff Assembly. We received 13 nominations for 16 open seats, meaning we were able to accept all nominees onto the Staff Assembly. It is clear that classified and operational staff at William & Mary care about their voices being heard and are invested in creating a better working environment for all.

Pursuant to our constitution, we held an election to officially seat our new members. The online ballot closed Friday, March 31 at 5:00pm. Thank you to all those who voted in the election to express their support for the Assembly. 

New Members and Statements
Dana Anderson-Radcliffe, Residence Life

I've worked on campus for 17+ years and I've seen change. Now I want to be a part of that change and to be a voice for fellow staff.

Christopher Crawford, Financial Operations

I am interested in serving on the staff assembly. As a new employee, I believe I can help bring new ideas and a fresh perspective to the group. It will also help me become acclimated to the College.

Monique Dandridge, Advancement

It is all of our responsibility to make W&M a pleasant and productive place to work. If we all place a small part, together we can achieve big things.

Cynthia Flannery, Arts & Sciences

I would like to continue my service on the Staff Assembly.

Lynne Fors, W&M Libraries 

I am nominating Lynne Fors for the W&M Staff Assembly. Lynne has been with the college for 5 years and is also an alumnus. Along with an employee/student perspective, Lynne has a strong work ethic and likes to get things done. Her library back-ground and research abilities will add depth to the SA leadership as they tackle issues affecting classified and operational employees. (per David Morales)

Rosario Fox, School of Education

I would be interested in serving on the Communications Committee as a support member to assist with getting the word out on all Staff events to the Tribe community.

Charmaine Gordon Wilson, Facilities Management

It's been great being apart of the staff association family and I would love to continue.

Elizabeth Luna, W&M Libraries

This would be my 2nd term on the staff assembly. I am committed to improving communication and staff development opportunities.

Melissa Payne, University Web & Design

I would like to be more engaged with the university outside of my job duties and help where needed.

Bobbi Rawlings, Facilities Management

An organization is only as good as its people. With that in mind, one of my goals is to place emphasis on educational opportunities for personal and career growth. I firmly believe that education has the power to both motivate and enhance self esteem. I know you're thinking, "So would more money!", and you're right. Utilizing the educational opportunities offered by the college could lead to career growth or open other employment opportunities. The people of William and Mary ARE William and Mary!

Claudia Smith, Chemistry Department

I appreciate the work the Staff Assembly does, the programs you have initiated and the timely information that we receive. I have been working at William & Mary for 6 years and as an admin. coordinator I spend a lot of time communicating with faculty, students and other departments. I hope that I would be able to contribute to the Assembly maybe on the communications committee or as a treasurer.

Venus Spencer, Kinesiology & Health Sciences

I have previously served on the board about 4 years ago. I enjoy been on the board and trying to solved issues that staff has at the college. It is very important for staff to be active on the Staff Assembly and stay involved with the College of William & Mary.

Krystal Tang, W&M Libraries

Having worked with Krystal for about a year I know she will bring a great attention to detail which is a good quality to possess in any organization and the perspective of a relatively new employee, along with a commitment to diversity and fair pay. (per Gina Woodward)