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Safety and Security

Safety and Security (including protective orders)
  • You may seek a legal protective order. Protective orders are available if you have been subjected to a threat, violence or force that puts you in reasonable fear of sexual assault or bodily injury (or death). Protective orders are free and you do not need an attorney. For more information, review the protective orders guide (pdf).
  • William & Mary Police can work with individual students to develop a personal safety plan.
  • W&M administrators can issue no-contact orders to protect you from being approached in any way (in person, phone, text message, etc.) by another W&M student, faculty or staff member. These orders are commonly issued at the beginning of an investigation, to protect the survivor.
  • In certain cases, W&M can place accused students (or faculty or staff) on interim suspension and/or bar them from campus. For more information, see interim measures.
  • W&M can make changes to student housing on a temporary or permanent basis. For more information, see interim measures.