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Interim Measures

Interim Measures and Accommodations

Interim measures are steps taken by the university to prevent retaliation, prevent continuation or recurrence of alleged misconduct, prevent the creation of (or remedy) a hostile or offensive environment, and ensure that all students are able to participate in the university's educational and other programs and activities.

When are interim measures available?  Interim measures cannot be taken if you make an anonymous report; we must know who you are in order to take interim measures.  Many interim measures can be taken even if you do not want to participate in a campus investigation/conduct process.  Some interim measures can be taken without other people (including the person who assaulted you or who engaged in the sexual misconduct) knowing about them.  

What are interim measures?  Possible interim steps include:

  • Issuing order barring further contact (no-contact orders)
  • Providing counseling services, including free services from the university Counseling Center or Student Health Center
  • Making academic accommodations
  • Relocating or rescheduling of classes
  • Changing residence location
  • Restricting the respondent's presence on campus or to certain areas of campus
  • Issuing interim suspension for the respondent from residence, from the campus and/or from any activities of the university to ensure the health or safety of members of the college community. 

The university will maintain as confidential any accommodations or other interim measures provided to either party, to the extent that maintaining such confidentiality would not impair the ability to provide the accommodations or protective measures. (For example, no-contact orders must, by their nature, be disclosed to both the affected and named student.)