Confidentiality, Anonymity and Amnesty

People who have experienced sexual assault or other misconduct sometimes are concerned about the university "finding out" or about a formal report being made.  At W&M, we want our students and other community members to share these incidents with us because if we don't know, we can't help.  

  • If you are concerned that some action will be taken, such as an investigation, that you don't want or are not ready for -- please know that in almost all cases, if you have experienced sexual misconduct and you do not want the university to take action, the university will be able to abide by your request.  More information about how W&M handles requests for anonymity or no action is available in the Sexual Misconduct Policy.  
  • If you are worried about other people finding out -- please know that the Title IX Collaborative Staff make every effort to protect the privacy and confidentiality of people who report or are named in a report of sexual misconduct. Information is shared only on a need-to-know basis. 
  • If you are worried about retaliation against you -- please know that W&M takes steps to protect members of its community against further misconduct, including retaliation.  No contact orders are one example.  There are also amnesty policies protecting students who report sexual misconduct and any material witnesses from Code of Conduct violations for behavior that would otherwise be considered violations (for example consuming alcohol underage or consuming illegal drugs).

We hope that this information will make you feel more comfortable about coming forward and reporting.  If you are not ready, however, there are confidential and anonymous reporting options:

  • If you have experienced misconduct yourself, you can make a report without giving your name.
  • If you are a student reporting misconduct that happened to someone else, you may report without disclosing the name of the victim
  • You may contact a confidential resource.  Confidential resources are not required to file a report with the Title IX Coordinator. 
  • A person may report sexual misconduct with names, but may request that the name of the victim of the misconduct remain confidential and not be shared, as would be required in an investigation. 

This site last updated April 2017.