Students Named in Complaint

Information and resources for respondents in investigations

We recognize being investigated may cause disruptions in your academic and personal responsibilities and obligations. Students named in a report, called "respondents" in our procedure, are assumed to be "not responsible" unless and until a policy violation is found at the conclusion of the process. We encourage you to become familiar with your rights and responsibilities (downloadable pdf) in the process, and to review the information below regarding available campus resources, and interim measures and accommodations. Please also learn more about the investigation procedure by reviewing the process flowchart or reviewing the procedure itself.  


Each party may chose an advisor to support him or her through the administrative process, including advising on campus resources and services available to the student and accompanying the student to interviews and meetings. 

  • Faculty or Staff AdvisorWilliam & Mary trains a group of faculty and staff to serve as advisors, and assigns an advisor to each party based on availability.
  • Outside AdvisorA party may instead choose to have a friend, family member, or lawyer serve as an advisor. These outside advisors are not trained by the university. Even if a student chooses to use an outside advisor, they will still have access to a trained university advisor, although only one person can attend interviews and meetings. 
Interim Measures and Accommodations:

Interim measures are steps taken by the university to prevent retaliation, prevent continuation or recurrence of alleged misconduct, prevent the creation of (or remedy) a hostile or offensive environment, and ensure that all students are able to participate in the university's educational and other programs and activities. Possible interim steps include:

  • Issuing order barring further contact (no-contact orders)
  • Providing counseling services, including free services from the university Counseling Center or Student Health Center
  • Making academic accommodations
  • Relocating or rescheduling of classes
  • Changing residence location
  • Restricting the respondent's presence on campus or to certain areas of campus 
  • Issuing interim suspension of the respondent from residence, from the campus and/or from any activities of the university to ensure the health or safety of members of the college community. 

The review team will review any interim measures put in place and may make or recommend additional or alternative interim measures. 

The university will maintain as confidential any accommodations or other interim measures provided to either party, to the extent that maintaining such confidentiality would not impair the ability to provide the accommodations or protective measures. (For example, no-contact orders must, by their nature, be disclosed to both the affected and named student.) 

Campus Resources:

Below are resources that are avialable to you.  Please consider seeking out these resources as they can provide vital support:

Counseling Center at William & Mary (Confidential) 757-221-3620
The Counseling Center offers a range of mental health services to students wanting help with personal concerns. Services include outreach and presentation activities; individual, couples, and group therapy; as well as consultation to friends, faculty, and parents/guardians concerned about a student in distress.

Student Health Center (Confidential) 757-221-2998
The Student Health Center provides a full-range of primary care services including the evaluation, treatment and prevention of all kinds of acute or chronic physical, mental and social health issues.