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Students Involved in a W&M Investigation

This section of the sexual violence website is for students who are involved in a university administrative investigation process.  

This site is focused on the process used when the respondent - the person reported or being investigated for misconduct - is a student.  If you are interested in the process used to investigate faculty, staff, or third parties, please visit the Title IX investigations website.  

Overview of Student Sexual Misconduct Process

The Student Sexual Harassment and Misconduct Grievance/Complaint Procedure is the process W&M uses to respond to reports (complaints, information, grievances, accusations, allegations, etc.) of sexual misconduct by a current W&M student.  The "Scope" section of the Procedure (Section II) has more information about when the Procedure is used.

The Procedure is an investigative process designed to determine whether the Sexual Misconduct Policy was violated and to remedy any violation that occurred. 

At the beginning of the process, an initial assessment is made and interim measures taken.  Interim measures protect reporting parties, prevent retaliation, and assist affected students.   Under the Procedure, the Dean of Students determines whether a policy violation occurred, on the basis of information collected in an investigation report.  Both (or all) student parties may review and provide responses to the investigation report prior to the investigation being finalized.  Both parties also have appeal rights.

The Investigative/Determination Process

Process Flow Chart 2019


Resources for Parties to an Investigation

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