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What Happens After I File a Third Party Report?

I've filed a third-party report of a sexual violence or harassment matter.  What happens now?

The next step depends on the information we have - the information you provided and any related information we have.  In most cases, the Title IX Review Team will meet to conduct an initial assessment of the report.  That assessment process and the possible outcomes and action steps are detailed in the Sexual Misconduct Policy.

Faculty and staff making a third-party report are often concerned about how and when we will contact the reported survivor.  The timing, manner, and nature of this contact will vary depending on many factors including whether the survivor knows that the report is being made, whether he or she has expressed a desire as to whether or not the university takes action on the matter and the nature of the reported misconduct.  In some cases, a Title IX staff person will reach out to the student to let him or her know that resources, information and support are available to them.  In other cases, we will being working with the student to provide services and accommodations immediately.

If you are in a position to have continued contact with the survivor, please review the guidance available
If you are in a position to have continued contact with the person accused of misconduct, we may contact you to help prevent retaliation and/or for information to help us address the report. 

Feel free to contact the Compliance & Equity Office with questions or concerns, but be aware that our ability to share information is limited by student privacy rights and other laws, and that our focus must remain on responding to the student(s) involved.