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Title IX and Sexual Harassment

William & Mary is committed to ensuring our campus is free from discrimination, harassment, including sexual harassment, and retaliation.

Faculty and staff must complete biennial training on issues of sexual harassment, relationship violence, stalking and sexual assault, including an understanding of reporting requirements and bystander intervention techniques. This training also complies with Title IX and other federal regulations that require ongoing prevention and awareness campaigns for employees. Most importantly, it puts the university in the best position to respond when a member of our community needs support.

The university has acquired new training from Vector Solutions. This training is available in Cornerstone. There is no separate login required beyond the central authentication system in Cornerstone.  This training is comprised of two modules, each under 30 minutes in length.  There is a summary document that is included with the training that references university specific policy definitions, reporting channels, and processes. 

You have a vital role in keeping our community safe.  The goals of the training are to ensure that you understand your obligations, particularly your duty to report, you are prepared to respond and support survivors in a compassionate and appropriate way, and you are educated about W&M policies and resources.

New Hire

Title IX and sexual harassment training is required upon hire, and is part of the Mandatory Training assigned by HR for all new hires.  After the initial training new employees will be placed in rotation with the Universities' biennial schedule. This may require some employees to complete the training twice in one year.

If you are interested in taking the training or would like more information please contact Latisha Brown [[lsbrown02]].