Lemon Project Research Awards

The Lemon Project and the Charles Center jointly support undergraduate research comporting with the interests and goals of the Lemon Project. While William & Mary’s role in the nation’s founding has been widely studied, it has only been recently that scholars have begun asking questions of the College’s role in perpetuating slavery and racial discrimination.  The Lemon Project is a multifaceted and dynamic attempt to rectify wrongs perpetrated against African Americans by the College through action or inaction. An ongoing endeavor, this program will focus on contributing to and encouraging scholarship on the 300-year relationship between African Americans and the College, and building bridges between the College and Williamsburg and Greater Tidewater area.  See the brochure and other information available here.  

Depending on circumstances, the Lemon Project and Charles Center may be able to support a summer stipend of $3,000 for a seven week research project.  Students applying for $3000 in summer funding should use the general Charles Center summer scholarship application. You will indicate that your project deals with some aspect of the historical relationship between African Americans and the College on the online application form.

Like all Charles Center Summer Research Funding recipients, those receiving the Lemon Project Summer Research grant will blog about their research on the Charles Center Summer Research blog during the summer and present their work at the Charles Center's Summer Research Showcase in the fall. In addition, Lemon Project grant recipients will present their work at the Lemon Project Symposium in the spring of 2018 and provide a copy of the final research product to the Committee for its use, including archival or other public access, no later than Friday, September 7, 2018.  If you have questions about these requirements or about the Lemon Project, please contact [[jlalle, Professor Jody Allen]].

Previous recipients of the award include:
Keaun Barrett - The Invisible Scars of Racism: Understanding the effects of Overt and Coverts Acts of Racism on African American Men at the College of William & Mary
Johnna Moore - Performance Art and Racial Justice at the College of William and Mary
Tanisha Ingram - The Cultivation of the Black Experience


All parts of the application are due by noon on Wednesday, February 28, 2018.

Student IRB

If you are working with human subjects in any way, exemption by the Student International Review Board is required UNLESS your research falls under your faculty advisor's exemption through the Protection of Human Subjects Committee.  Ask him/her to be sure before you begin the Student IRB process.  Note that the Student IRB requires a significant amount of time to complete and includes a required online training module - do not begin it the day of the deadline! Your student IRB protocol must be submitted by March 2, 2018 (but it does not have to be awarded exempt status by that date). However, it is in your best interest as an applicant to submit a protocol well before this deadline.