The Jacobs Scholarship

Previous recipients of this award:
Charles Steiner - Evaluating the Prospects for Increasing Rates of Entrepreneurship Among Arab-Israeli Women
Charles Miller - Cultural Expressions in Jerusalem's Graffiti
Elise Z. - From the Nile to the Negev: Egyptian Iconography in the Hellenistic Tomb Paintings of Maresha
Brent Bickings - A Review of the Synagogue at Ostia, Italy, and Khirbet Shema, Israel

This scholarship supports students to travel to Israel to conduct research projects on or study the past and present religious, cultural, and political life of Israel. Previous projects include work on The Efficacy of Violence Prevention Programs in Israel, Othering in the Art of Palestinian and Israeli Children, Pluralism and Segregation in Israel, and Studying Biblical Hebrew Poetry in Jerusalem. These awards are made possible by the estate of Nathan P. Jacobs. 

The award to the student is $3000 for at least seven full-time weeks of research. Applicants must be in good academic standing, with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0. Recipients must also agree to blog about their research on the Process of Undergraduate Research (POUR) site at least five times and present their work at the Summer Research Showcase in the Fall semester.

The link for the online application can be found on the main CC Summer Scholarships PageApplicants must be sure to select "Jacobs Scholarship" on their online Charles Center Summer Research Funding Application and are encouraged to also select all scholarships for which they are eligible.

General Information and Application Components

The project proposal (max. 2 pages, single-spaced) must be the applicant’s own work but the applicant may work with their faculty advisor(s) as they are writing it.  The proposal should outline the proposed research project while addressing the following: 

What is the question you’re hoping to answer with your research? / What coursework or other experience have you had that are relevant to this proposal? / Discuss your methodology in detail - how will you carry out your work? / What support do you have for the project (lab space, access to collections, etc.) / What are you going to produce? (article, play, website, etc.) / Why is this work exciting or unique?  What does it contribute to the field and to the work of your advisor? / How will this research help further your own academic / intellectual development? 

The applicant must also submit a personal statement (max. 1 page, single-spaced) that reflects on your intellectual influences and to examine what you hope to achieve both here and after graduation: 

What led you to develop an interest in your field of study and the proposed research topic?  As you reflect on what to write, be sure to consider your favorite authors, scholars, teachers or classes.  Also consider what things you want to study, why you want to study them, and what you hope to learn about your area of interest.  Finally, consider the contribution you want to make with your own research to our knowledge and understanding of your field.

The Jacobs Scholarship applicant must also have one letter of recommendation from a William & Mary faculty member. The letter should be from the faculty member who is best able to attest to the applicant’s suitability for the project and with whom he/she has previously discussed the proposal. Once the applicant registers the recommender online, a message will be sent to the recommender with directions for uploading and submitting the letter.

There are no interviews. A committee of William and Mary faculty members reviews the applications and determines the recipients. The decisions of this committee are final.  Results will be posted in the Charles Center and on the Charles Center website by April.

If your reasearch involves human subjects in any way, you must submit your proposal to the Student Institutional Review Board (StudentIRB) prior to submitting your application for summer research support. You will be asked to indicate on the online application form when you submitted your proposal to the IRB.

Travel Warning

All Charles Center scholarships are subject to the W&M Travel Warning Policy. All petitions for summer 2016 scholarships for researcy, study, etc., in a country under a DOS Travel Warning must be received by Reves Center International Travel and Security Manager [[nsvasquez, Nick Vasquez]] no later than April 15, 2016.