Internship Scholarships 2017

Thanks to everyone who submitted applications for FUSE funding. There were many fine applications, and the selection process was a difficult one.

The following students have been chosen for Dunn, Irwin, Taylor, and Reves scholarship funding and will receive award letters directly from the administrators for those programs by May 15. Cohen Career Center staff have already notified recipients of their awards. Decisions of the committee are final.

Gomez Garcia, Iria
Hill, Jacob
Nemec, Mari
contact: [[clnema, Christine Nemacheck]]

Beard, Callie
Blumberg-Woll, Leo
Connor, Zoe
Flashman, Johanna
Goncher, William
Hofbauer, Grace
Hyon, Iris
Lewis, Shannon
Lewelling, Chloe
Major, Hannah
Nguyen, Huyenan
Sun, Xiangwen
Contact: [[lyoung, Lisa Young]]

Callahan, John
Estaiteyeh, Ghalia
Jones, Abigail
Kier, Grace
Kierans, Liam
Knitter, Kelsey
Makia, Danielle
Mlakar, Tyler
Seagle, Amelia
Su, Yifan
Taft, Thomas
Contact: [[jcdav3, Judy Davis]]

Bandera, Hasini
Chen, Timothy
Crane, Charles
Dayan, Miguel
Nocks, Alexander
Thibault, Allison
Tidwell, Cyrus
Contact: [[cmclem, Clay Clemens]]