The Madison and Lila Self Graduate Fellowship

The Madison and Lila Self Graduate Fellowship is available at the University of Kansas for individuals who intend to pursue a doctorate in physical sciences, mathematics, engineering, business, economics, or biological and pharmaceutical sciences. This highly selective four-year fellowship offers a $24,000 annual stipend, covers full tuition and fees, and provides a unique professional development program. The total value of the four-year fellowship exceeds $135,000. We're looking for U.S. citizens who have a vision, the ability to set and achieve goals, leadership potential, and a strong work ethic. Self Fellows demonstrate initiative and a passion for achievement and lifelong learning. Self Fellows participate in a development program that provides general education and training in communication, management, and leadership, complementing the specialized education and training provided in their Ph.D. programs. Each January, KU departments submit Self Fellow nominations. See the website for more information.