Taiwan-US Sister Relations Ambassador Summer Scholarship

The Taiwan-United States Sister Relations Alliance (TUSA) Ambassador Summer Scholarship Program is a unique summer experience for college undergraduate/graduate students who are interested in studying Mandarin Chinese and learning about Taiwanese culture. Located in National Cheng Kung University in Tainan, Taiwan, the program includes intensive Chinese language classes, cultural courses and activities, cultural and language exchange, cultural excursions, and volunteer opportunities in the local community.


Applicants must be US citizens, full time students at a US college or university, and possess a minimum GPA of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale). Preference is given to applicants who do not hold Taiwanese passports and do not claim Taiwanese or Chinese heritage. No experience with Mandarin is required--program participants will be divided into different language classes based on proficiency.


The TUSA Ambassador Summer Scholarship lasts 8 weeks. See the program website for start/end dates.

Funding & Benefits

Program participants will receive 800 USD (25,000 New Taiwan dollars) per month to cover tuition, dormitory fees, four off-campus excursions, and accident insurance. Meals are not included, and participants must provide airfare to/from Taiwan. The scholarship program also provides six credits of transferrable credit. Each participant should confirm the credit will transfer with the University Registrar before leaving for Taiwan.

Application Components

The TUSA Ambassador Summer Scholarship application is entirely online. In addition to biographical data, academic statistics, and extracurricular information, applicants will provide two letters of reference from college professors, past or present. Applicants must also write two 300 word essays on their interest in the program and future career goals.

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