James "Rhio" O'Connor Memorial Scholarship Fund

The James "Rhio" O'Connor Memorial Scholarship Essay Contest is still taking applications and has added a second essay choice.  Over $10,000 is still available to winners of the essay contest.

Undergraduate and graduate students at colleges and universities in the United States are invited to honor James "Rhio" O'Connor's spirit of self-determination and intellectual curiosity by writing an essay about one of the two following subjects:

Subject Choice #1

Please write an essay about how Rhio’s story inspires you and what you would do if you faced the same challenges that he faced. What steps would you take if you were given a dire cancer prognosis? How would you conduct your research and make an informed decision when choosing a treatment? Would you look beyond chemo, radiation and surgery if they had little to offer? What resources would you use to make an informed decision – friends, teachers, clinicians, researchers, other patients, libraries, etc?

Subject Choice #2

Please write an essay about cancer and our progress in preventing and treating this disease since the “War on Cancer” was announced over 41 years ago. Are we making progress in curing cancer since 1971? If so, where? Why has the incidence rates of many cancers continued to increase? Why is cancer the leading cause of death by disease in children and of adults under the age of 85? What should be done to improve progress in curing or preventing cancer? You can take any approach you feel is best. Be sure to define the problem and provide realistic solutions.

For more information and to receive a copy of the Application and Rules please visit: http://www.cancermonthly.com/scholarship.asp or write our Scholarship Coordinator at: aelliott@cancermonthly.com