MATCH School Math Pioneers Fellowship Program

Math Pioneers Merrimack Valley is a proposed 10.5 month urban education tutoring fellowship. The MATCH School will be hiring 50 enthusiastic and determined corps of adults to launch the first full-time professional tutoring program in the Merrimack Valley (30 miles from Boston). This elite corps will be selected from the top 10% of applicants and will play a significant role in the district’s turnaround strategy for all the 9th and 10th graders in two underperforming high schools.

Each corps member will work with six pairs of students every day and will work with the same twelve students all year long. In doing so, tutors not only will be able to drive student achievement by providing individualized instruction, but will be able to build personal and meaningful relationships.  


  1. Each Corps member will tutor in math only, and will work with six pairs of students every day for an entire year (mostly algebra and geometry).  Tutors guarantee the academic success of students by focusing intently on individualizing instruction and building personal and meaningful relationships with their students. They will receive all instructional materials, developed by a site-specific curriculum writer, with close alignment among state standards, assessments, and instruction particular to the school. The curriculum writer will preview all materials with tutors the week prior to its delivery to students.
  2. Corps members will contact families each week about student progress. This communication forges trust, creates relationships and keeps parents aware of the successes and needs of their children.
  3. Every site has a coordinator who will be responsible for observing, training and assisting tutors through the entire year. Tutors will be observed regularly and must be hungry for feedback.

Who Should Apply?

Everyone who applies to Math Pioneers must have a bachelor’s degree. Math Pioneers is open to any adult who is willing to commit to a year-long service year. Successful applicants will include recent college graduates, mid-career individuals, and retirees.

Qualities sought for in applicants:

  1. You must have a relentless work ethic.
  1. You must be hungry for feedback, and a person who will insist on receiving effective, ongoing feedback on your work.
  1. You must be comfortable working with students.
  1. You must be comfortable communicating with the parents or guardians of the students.
  1. You must know algebra geometry well. 
  1. Spanish language proficiency is not required, but will be very valuable.

Apply Online:

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis until June 25, 2012. The MATCH School primarily looks for a strong academic record, coaching or tutoring experience and a readiness to rise to the many demands and challenges that come with working with at-risk youth.

Please send all questions to