Summer 2009 Award Recipients

Dintersmith Fellowships
  • Dina Abdel-Fattah (Paula Pickering), International Relations: The Comparative Effect of International Imposition of Power-Sharing Agreements on Ethnoreligious Reconciliation: Case Studies of Post-Conflict Bosnia-Herzegovina and Lebanon
  • Jennifer Garrott (Sharon Zuber), Film Studies: Prince William County during the Civil War: Crossroads of Conflict
  • Megan Shuler (Molly Swetnam-Burland), Classical Studies: Things Left Behind: A Comparative Artifact Analysis of Pompeii and other Roman Domestic Sites
  • Tyler Stukenbroeker (David Thompson), Chemistry: Formation of Highly Electrically Conductive and Specular Reflective Surface-Silvered Polyimide Films Under Exceptionally Mild Conditions
  • Dan Villareal (Ann Charity Hudley), Linguistics: Closing the Communication Gap Between Mathematics Professors and Undergraduates
Biomath Scholarships
  • Carolyn Ayers - Modeling the Effectiveness of Structured Treatment Interruptions for HIV/AIDS
  • Yuanyuan Liu - Bifurcation of Oscillatory and Spatial Patterns in a Diffusive Predator-Prey System
Chappell Fellowships

Committee members reviewed 41 applications; recipients listed with their respective advisors in parentheses.

  • Megan Behm (Christopher Owens, Theatre) Virginia Shakespeare Festival Assistant Directing and Dramaturgy
  • Anna Cretu (James Frusetta, History) Minority Policies in Southeastern Europe, from Independence to Accession
  • Yevgeniya Derevyannykh (Sasha Prokhorov, MLL) Movie-going in Siberia
  • Engin Ege (Catherine Forestell, Psychology) The Effect of Hunger State on the Development of Infants' Preferences for Palatable and Unpalatable Foods
  • Harry Gao (Qun Li, Mathematics)
  • Peter Giannino (Sasha Prokhorov, MLL) German Films on Russian Screens
  • Rachel Granata (Anne Charity Hudley, Linguistics) Language Variation in the Classroom
  • Dana Hardbower (Kurt Williamson, Biology) Temporal Dynamics of Viral Communities in Lake Matoaka and its Watershed
  • Sarah Kim (Pam Hunt, Psychology) Effects of choline and neonatal ethanol exposure on response habituation
  • Robert Lambert (Rob Hinkle, Chemistry) Determining the Role of Bismuth Ions in Catalytic Reactions
  • Jake Nelson (Brian Hulse, Music) Hearing Between the Lines: Issues in Transcribing Qawwali Music of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
  • Trevor Savage (Denys Poshyvanyk, Computer Science) Browsing Linguistic Topics in Source Code Using Latent Dirichlet Allocations
  • Elizabeth Sherman (Michael Deschenes, Kinesiology) Efficacy of Pre-habilitation in Managing the Deleterious Effects of Disuse on the Neuromuscular System
  • Caitlin Smoot (J. Emmet Duffy, VIMS) A test of the influence of multiple stressors on the functional effect redundancy of a naturally assembled mesograzer community in an experimental eelgrass system
  • Patrick Steele (David Phillips, Mathematics) Analyzing and Minimizing Flight Delays
  • Alyssa Wallace (Rob Vinson, History) Songs of the Struggle: The Role of Music in the Anti-Apartheid Movement
Charles Center US Research Scholarships

Committee members reviewed 51 applications

  • Christian Amonson - WRENSONGS: Preserving and Promoting the Wren Organ
  • Caitlin Bovery - Habitat Preferences and Potential Restoration of the Soft Shell Clam, Mya arenaria, in the Lower Chesapeake Bay
  • Ross Carpenter - Ethanol-Nicotine Interactions on Context Conditioning in Rats
  • Christopher Consolino - “To Form but One Indivisible Community”: The History and Politics of the German Republican Society of Philadelphia, 1793-1800
  • Alexander Hinnebusch - Validation of the perceptual vigilance, affective reactivity, and behavioral predisposition components of approach and avoidance temperaments
  • Daniel Homer - A Compatilibilist Attempt to Reconcile Moral Responsibility and Moral Luck
  • Margaret Hutchison - “The Cast-Off Mistress;” Joseph Conrad and the Sea
  • Huy Ho - Help for Family Caregivers in the Williamsburg Community: An Assessment of the Effectiveness of Training Programs for Support Group Facilitators
  • Rusty Meadows - Seriality, Temporality, and Fame: The Andy Warhol Screen Tests as a Developmental Aesthetic
  • Brendan Murphy - The Effects of Weathering on Bedrock Channel Erosion and Form
  • Jordan White (Paul Heideman, Biology) Genetic Variation in Feeding Hormones in Peromyscus leucopus
Charles Center International Research Scholarships

Committee reviewed 32 applications

  • Jahanzeb Akbar - Homosexuality in Pakistan: Prospects of Integration into Mainstream Society
  • Sarah Beck - Migration out of Tibetan settlement camps in Pokhara, Nepal
  • Saika Belal - Development Becomes Personal: Loosening Budget Constraint for the Poor via Remittances: A Primary Study of the Dynamics an Impact of Remittances in Rural Bangladesh
  • Alexandra Cochrane - Investigating Trade Between Indiana, Boston, and China
  • Timothy Gonchoroff - The Restoration of the Gardens at the Het Loo Palace
  • Kathryn Hansen - Ballet as a Political Force in Seventeenth Century France
  • Christopher Maggiolo - Til the Bitter End: Social Identity and the History of Mauby in Barbados
  • Mary Russell - Mermaids and Monsters: Wild Women in Art Along the Camino de Santiago
  • Beyang Shi - Teacher Attendance and Commitment - Understanding the Factors Influencing Teacher Truancy and Motivation in Losho, Kenya
Chloe Louis Memorial Scholarship
  • Christy Ottinger - Sustainable Rice Production in Rural Philippines: A Localized Case Study
Christian-Ewell Scholarship
  • Molly Blumgart - Students for Healthy Communities
Christopher Wren Scholarship for Research in the Humanities
  • Sam McVane - The Roman Golden Mean
Cummings Scholarships

Committee members reviewed 10 applications

  • Brent Callaway - Optimization of Virus Extraction from Soils
  • Kathryn Easterling - The Role of the Muscarinic M2 Receptor in Attention-Demanding Tasks
  • Virginia McLane - Hyperthermic Pathways in the Preoptic Anterior Hypothalamus
Honors Fellowships
  • Sarah Argodale (Fred Corney), Global Studies: Russia's Peripheral Nations: An Examination of the Soviet Union Colonialist Legacy
  • Caitlin Bovery (Rochelle Seitz), Biology: Habitat Preferences and Potential Restoration of the Soft Shell Clam, Mya arenaria, in the Lower Chesapeake Bay
  • Andrea Brown (Leisa Meyer), Women's Studies: Indian Cosmo: Globalization and the Middle Class Indian Woman
  • Kathryn Hansen (Giulia Pacini), French: Ballet as a Political Force in Seventeenth Century France
  • Mary Henin, (Jonathan Arries), Linguistics: English as a Second Language Programs and Pedagogy: A Critical Linguistic Analysis
  • Rebecca Mikulas (Elizabeth Harbron), Chemistry: Optimizing Energy Transfer via Single Molecule Fluorescence Microscopic Analysis
Irwin and Taylor Scholarships for Public Affairs Internships


  • Alexandra Bowles – ABA Rule of Law Initiative
  • Hannah Debelius – Chesapeake Bay Foundation
  • Christopher Dunn – American Red Cross of Greater New York
  • Katherine Eklund – Office of Congressman Patrick Murphy
  • Brian Focarino – VA Senate Republican Caucus
  • Zoe Grotophorst –Office of Senator Mark Herring
  • John Hill – US Senate
  • Erik Houser – Office of Senator Maria Cantwell
  • Nicholas Kantor* – Office of Senator C. Grassley
  • Raymond Makhoul – Colonial Community Criminal Justice Board
  • Alexa McLanahan – Office of Representative Stenny Hoyer
  • David Richardson – Hillsborough County Commission
  • Jennifer Souers – Smithsonian Institution


  • Katelyn Andell – US Department of State, Frankfurt
  • Jameson Bilsborrow – Office of Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm
  • Isabelle Cohen – World Bank
  • Brian Doyle – Hudson Institute
  • Adam Farrar – National Council on US-Arab Relations
  • Graham Feldman* – US Department of Treasury
  • Megan Liaboe – Council on Foreign Relations
  • Mohammed Nauage – US Department of Justice Criminal Division
  • Erin O’Grady – US Department of State, Moscow
  • Lanelle Ramus-Jones – New York City Commission for the United Nations
  • Alexander Rosenberg – US Department of the Interior

*pending internship certification

James B. Reilly Undergraduate Summer Scholarship
  • Erin Truitt - Challenging Logistics and Harmful Attitudes: Barriers to the Formal Healthcare System in Rural Kentucky
Kraemer Scholarships for Study in the British Isles
  • Jenna Ogden - Cambridge Study Abroad Summer 2009
Nathan P. Jacobs Scholarships for Study, Travel, or Research in Israel
  • Yael Gilboa - The Impact of Cultural Differences on the Formation of Israeli Political Opinions
Tang Scholarship
  • Joseph Lahouchuc - Conflict, Justice and Democracy in Kenya: Longitudinal Research on the Perspectives of Victims and the General Public
Llanso-Sherman Scholarship for Pre-Medical Research
  • Matthew Yeager - Modeling the effects of α-synuclein protein aggregation in Parkinson's Disease via biochemical systems theory
Virginia Crouch Memorial Scholarship
  • Benjamin Brush
Grimsley Journalism Fellowship
  • Rachel Ohm